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Chew Wei Kean

Senior Pharmacist,
Watsons Singapore

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I worked as a hospital pharmacist in Malaysia, and I was looking for a pharmacy role with a broader scope and was attracted by the opportunities to develop my skills in the highly competitive Singapore retail market.

I’ve been able to advance from an ordinary pharmacist to a senior healthcare informatics pharmacist during my time at Watsons – something I wouldn’t have been able to do without the support of the company and a great team around me.

The best times for me are when customers come back and seek me out because I’ve helped them before; then I know I must be doing the right thing. I also love it when tourist families use their kids as English translators to help them get what they need. The kids always make me smile. I am a father now and I can strike the right work-life balance so that I can see my family grow up. Thank you Watsons and my team!

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