Watsons Hong Kong won the “HKMA Quality Award 2016 – Certificate of Excellence” .

Watsons Hong Kong Wins the HKMA Quality Award 2016 – Certificate of Excellence

Watsons Hong Kong is greatly honored to have won the HKMA Quality Award 2016 – Certificate of Excellence. This was truly a team effort and it brought together people from across our business to really focus on our common goal and allowed us to reflect on the challenges we face. We have been able to crystalize those aspects of A.S. Watson Group’s DNA that make the sustainable growth of Watsons.

We believe that agility is paramount. We have modernized and digitized shopping, transformed the store environment, and invested in professional, world-class service and developing new products. We strive for innovation and excellence to meet the changing customer expectations. To stand out and be worthy of consumer loyalty takes more, we ensure the voice of the consumer is at the very heart of every decision. Through a clearly articulated mission, strong leadership and the commitment of the Watsons team, we have made Watsons a regional success.

In helping our customers LOOK GOOD and FEEL GREAT, we know that we need to build on our scale and experience in a way that embraces our passion and dynamism. Watsons Hong Kong is committed to meeting the challenges of the future, in providing excellent service to customers.