Watsons Opens “Play Glam” Concept Store in Tuen Mun
Local First 24/7 Tap & Shop Leads the Future Trend of Digital Retail Experience
World-renowned Beauty Brands Lineup with AI Technology at Makeup Zone

As Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, Watsons has been striving for innovation and positive reform; recently the company has been investing hugely on retail technology, flexibly integrate technology with retail to achieve online and offline (O+O) innovation, that digital retail brings excitement to the younger generation. Watsons “Play Glam” Concept Store at Tuen Mun Town Plaza grand opened today, the 4,500 sq.ft. store offers various customer interactive experience zones, introducing world-renowned beauty brands lineup at Makeup Zone, with various technologies and smart devices that enrich shopping interactivity and enjoyment for customer experience at a new diversified retail era.

Mr. Dominic LAI, Group Managing Director of A.S. Watson Group shared, “Watsons Hong Kong “Play Glam” concept store coincides with the Group’s 15,800th store opened worldwide. As the leading health and beauty retailer in Asia, we had been the No. 1 Pharmacy/drugstore brand in Asia for the 11st consecutive year*, leading the industry to offer quality products and services to our customers.”

Mr. Samuel LEE, Managing Director of Watsons Hong Kong added, “Watsons actively offer innovative and quality shopping experience to customers, the new concept store integrates retail with technology, aiming to bring excitement to the young generation and promote new digital retail trend.”

Digital Store Design & Professional Team Enhance Shopping Interactivity
The new Watsons “Play Glam” concept store adopts the modest and glamorous store design elements, with electronic display screen, lightbox and LED wall, to enhance the store vitality and shopping interactivity with younger generation. There are various customer interactive experience zones in the new store, including 24/7 Tap & Shop self-service station, LED Runway and Meitukey skin analyzer in the makeup zone, bringing each customer unique smart shopping experience. The new store offers exciting product varieties with more than over 15,000 products from 7,100 health and beauty brands. The store has a professional team consists of pharmacists, dieticians, Chinese medicine practitioners, wellness coach, health advisor, beauty and skin consultants, devoted to serving customers with professional advice and creating a full range shopping experience to customers via O+O model.

Local First 24/7 Tap & Shop Self-Service station Shopping All Way Round
Watsons is leading the digital retail industry to offer better shopping experience, Watson integrates technology with retail, introducing local first 24/7 Tap & Shop self-service station where customers can purchase and order products with the digital screen anytime, and pick up products at selected stores to enjoy the convenience of shopping. Tap & Shop offers more extensive product varieties, complementing the limited stock in stores and offering more options for customers. Moreover, customers will stay longer in stores through self-pickup, and driving offline purchasing at the same time. Indeed, Watsons eStore has received the Gold Award from Hong Kong Retail Management Association Top 10 Quality E-Shop Award for the 3rd consecutive year, actively achieving the O+O strategy.

Meitukey Skin Analyzer Adopts A.I. Technology for Comprehensive Skin Analysis
As the brand new “Play Glam” concept store, Watsons targeted the needs of the beauty lovers, introducing Meitukey skin anlalyzer at the makeup zone, professionally analysing your skin conditions with A.I. technology, diagnosing a maximum of 12 skin problems, providing personalized advices and product recommendations for users, customers are able to try the products and choose their favourite products, providing one-stop services to optimize customers’ beauty shopping experience. The skin tester is equipped with 3 colour-spectrum: standard white light, UV light and cross-polarized light, viewing the skin conditions in any angle; the image of the skin can also be enlarged to analyse and identify subtle flaws such as pores and capillaries etc. Customers may also create a personal skin testing profile in the device, in order to monitor their skin conditions.

World-renowned Beauty Brands Lineup at Makeup Zone
Watsons exclusively introduces world-renowned beauty brands, such as Marionnaud Paris from France and Wet N Wild, American petit bourgeois brand. There are also lineup of popular brands such as SOFINA from Japan and Korean coloured contact lens brand, MIMA, which is endorsed by famous Korean star PARK Min-young, as well as a Japanese fragrance area that features top-selling Japanese Fragrances and niche perfume brands, providing customers with various shopping options. Besides, the new store introduces “Lip Bar”, where customers could try on over 100 lipsticks to create diversified makeup styles, offering a one-stop retail new experience.