The Beautiful Views of Switzerland

The Beautiful Views of Switzerland

As most of this year’s travel activities are limited or cancelled due to Covid-19, the A.S. Watson Zurich team launched a shared staff platform to gather ideas and inspiration for potential weekend getaways and short holiday trips. Ideas include scenic hiking routes and trails, interesting and stunning places to see and experience around Switzerland. With the travel limitations, we need to make the most out of what we have access to and enjoy ourselves while remaining safe.

Back to the Office

Back to the Office[:zh}重返辦公室

After several months of home office and remote work, the Zurich Team of A.S. Watson Group redecorated their lunch room with a new “ZEN” theme to welcome everyone back to the office. The theme helps promote staff wellbeing after periods of isolation and returning to a more crowded and busy environment. It helps them find inner peace and tranquillity and prepares them for the day ahead.

Family Day

Family Day

On the International Day of Families, eLab Milan organised a web conference focusing on the concept of families and how COVID-19 impacted family life for many Italian families. Colleagues also donated food and first need products to families in need.

A.S. Watson will Donate 300,000 Kids Masks to Students in Need
To Fight Against COVID-19 and Prepare for School Resumption

A.S. Watson will Donate 300,000 Kids Masks to Students in Need To Fight Against COVID-19 and Prepare for School Resumption

A.S. Watson Group today announced that it will donate 300,000 pieces of kids masks to the primary school students in need to get them prepared for school resumption. In Hong Kong, classes at all schools have been suspended for over 4 months and are now expected to resume in phases. In view of the shortage of kids face masks in Hong Kong, A.S. Watson Group has been working tirelessly to source face masks from all over the world and will donate to the primary school students who are in need.

A.S. Watson Group Launches Hong Kong-made Own Brand Face Masks

Watsons Water Plant is Converted for Mask Production Automated Production in Dust-Free Clean Room

In response to the unstable global supply of hygienic face masks, A.S. Watson Group announced today its experienced distilled water and beverage manufacturing business, A.S. Watson Industries, has transformed part of its factory into dust-free clean room for producing own brand face masks in Hong Kong. The first batch of masks will be available at Watsons Hong Kong online and physical stores from mid-May.

Student Athletes Honoured in Virtual Ceremony

Student Athletes Honoured in Virtual Ceremony

922 outstanding student athletes were recognised for their achievements at the 15th A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the award ceremony was held online for the first time. 20 local sports stars were invited to announce the winners and encourage the student athletes to pursue their goals with enthusiasm in the live video ceremony on social media.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Reduce Plastic Waste [zh:]飲水也環保

A.S. Watson Zurich Office installed a new water column in the pantry, offering still, medium and sparkling water to staff members. The water is drawn directly from water supply line and then filtered and cooled. This reduces the need for staff to purchase bottled water which reduces plastic waste and is much more environmentally friendly and cost effective in the long run. The lower cost also means staff will be more motivated to drink more water and stay hydrated, which is a very important factor to staying healthy and energised.