New Celebrity Voice for FORTRESS!

Bosco Wong endorses FORTRESS own brand electrical products

FORTRESS invited TV celebrity artist Bosco Wong to endorse the brand’s own electrical products. A TV commercial was produced to reinforce FORTRESS brand’s  “Inspiring Smart Living” through Bosco’s love of la dolce vita lifestyle.

New Fortress iPhone App

New Fortress iPhone App (video still)

New Fortress

New Fortress (video still)

Inspiring Smart Living

Inspiring Smart Living (video still)

Imagination is Power

Imagination is Power (video still)

FORTRESS Inspiring Smart Community cares about poverty

FORTRESS Inspiring Smart Community cares about poverty

Since its establishment 30 years ago, FORTRESS, Hong Kong's leading consumer electronics and electrical appliances retailer, has continuously offered consumers the most valuable shopping offers, the best all-round customer service and the most exciting shopping experience. To mark its most recent milestone, FORTRESS is giving back to society by sharing its joy with the disadvantaged in our local community. Riding on the beginning of the new school year and the its brand philosophy of 'Inspiring Smart Living', FORTRESS is donating 30 notebook computers to the Hans Anderson Club (HAC), offering a vital opportunity for needy children to learn and be inspired with the help of the latest technology.