Million-Dollar Smile

PARKnSHOP and Watsons Hong Kong teamed up with MARS to share a smile with the people of Hong Kong. With every purchase of MARS Wrigley and BE-KIND products worth HK$20 or above at PARKnSHOP and Watsons Hong Kong stores, MARS donated products of the same value to 10 NGOs to help those in need.

A GOOD cause to help

PARKnSHOP Hong Kong hosted the annual City Food Drive to collect grocery donations to help people in need, taking account of the growing need for meals as COVID-19 restricts the work of social welfare organisations who would normally be able to help.

This year, customers were encouraged to donate 4 specific items over 4 weeks. Over 56,000 designated food items were collected, and together with cash donation, over HK$867,000 was raised. PARKnSHOP provided the ingredients at cost to Food Angel, which turned them into nutritious meals for people most in need.

A.S. Watson Group Invites All Retailers and Restaurants to Join Hands in Stimulating Consumer Spending

Free Registration as Partners to its 3.7 Million Members Moneyback Loyalty Programme
Donating 1.8 Million WatsMask as Incentive to Promote Cross-Retailer Shopping

English Key Visual 1024x509 A.S. Watson Group Invites All Retailers and Restaurants to Join Hands in Stimulating Consumer Spending

The COVID-19 pandemic has so far impacted significantly people’s daily lives and all industries. As an effort to prepare for consumer spending stimulation when the COVID-19 situation eases, A.S. Watson decides to open up Moneyback, the largest loyalty programme in town, to help all retailers to promote their business for free. The planned campaign is expected to encourage cross-retailer shopping in all 18 districts.

Green School

Green School

Three outstanding Hong Kong schools have been recognised for their great work as part of the PARKnSHOP Green School Programme, which since 2013 has provided funding for green school projects promoting sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

City Food Drive 2019 Volunteer Day

City Food Drive 2019 Volunteer Day

At the City Food Drive 2019 Volunteer Day, PARKnSHOP Hong Kong volunteer team partnered with Knorr volunteers to visit the Food Angel Shamshuipo Community Centre again. Volunteers prepared hot meals and distributed goodie bags to nearly 180 elderly, as well as participated in the healthy chair dance with them, together enjoying a wonderful morning!

PARKnSHOP and Knorr is also launching the 2nd round of fundraising activity – by donating 1% of sales proceeds to Food Angel for every Knorr product purchased in PARKnSHOP stores during 12 Aug to 8 Sep.

FOOD for thought

FOOD for thought

PARKnSHOP Hong Kong held its annual City Food Drive Volunteer Day which has led to over 1,800 tonnes of food being donated to Food Angel over 7 years. This year, in partnership with Knorr, volunteers promoted the importance of food rescue, preparing meal boxes and presenting goodie bags to the elderly.

A.S. Watson Implements Proactive Plastic-Reduction Measures with its Retail Brands
Go Green and Make a Better Living Environment Together

According to the Waste Statistics for 2017 in “Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong” published by the Environmental Protection Department*, the average daily quantity of municipal solid waste disposed by Hong Kong people was 10,733 tpd, in which 20% of them (nearly 2,124 tpd) were plastics. A.S. Watson Group (ASW) puts environmental protection in high priority on its social responsibility agenda. It has been driving energy-efficiency, reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions to minimise negative impacts on the environment. Since 2014, ASW has taken the proactive step to ban the use of microplastic in its rinse-off own brand cosmetics/personal care scrub products development. The company is also committed to further extend the ban and targets to end the sales of all rinse-off cosmetics products / personal care products containing microplastics by the end of 2019. Its retail brands also proactively implement plastic-reduction measures, striving to strike a balance between product excellence and environmental protection, creating a greener environment.