Cleaning up Nature Reserve

On World Clean Up Day, volunteer team from Kruidvat and Trekpleister Netherlands marched to a nature reserve near the headquarters to pick up trash and clean up the area. It’s important that everyone is reminded of the importance of keeping our natural environment clean after our visit.

Keep Stores Open for Everyone

Keep Stores Open for Everyone

Trekpleister works its best to adjust opening hours and keep as many stores open as possible during the challenging time. Preventive measures are taken to limit the number of people in a store, maintain customers distance, and sanitise stores regularly to ensure customers’ safety.

Children’s Hospice Cleaning

In the lead up to winter, volunteers of Health and Beauty Benelux came together to clean and spruce up the Kinderhospice Binnenveld. The hospice has long been a refuge and home-away-from-home for many children suffering from life-threatening illnesses, and thanks to the team of volunteers, it was made cosy and comfortable for its patients.