Upcycling Plastic Bottles

Over 250 students from Kau Yan School set the world record title for the Largest Terrarium-Making Lesson on July 4. By leveraging up-cycling the disposed Watsons Water plastic bottle, each student created his/her own terrarium, giving new life to plastic bottles and helped reduce plastic waste with creativity.
Under the guidance of Mr. Eric Swinton, founder of V-cycle and Ms. Zoe Chan, founder of PuYu and registered horticultural therapist, students created their unique terrarium and learnt the basics of daily terrarium maintenance.

A.S. Watson Implements Proactive Plastic-Reduction Measures with its Retail Brands
Go Green and Make a Better Living Environment Together

According to the Waste Statistics for 2017 in “Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong” published by the Environmental Protection Department*, the average daily quantity of municipal solid waste disposed by Hong Kong people was 10,733 tpd, in which 20% of them (nearly 2,124 tpd) were plastics. A.S. Watson Group (ASW) puts environmental protection in high priority on its social responsibility agenda. It has been driving energy-efficiency, reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions to minimise negative impacts on the environment. Since 2014, ASW has taken the proactive step to ban the use of microplastic in its rinse-off own brand cosmetics/personal care scrub products development. The company is also committed to further extend the ban and targets to end the sales of all rinse-off cosmetics products / personal care products containing microplastics by the end of 2019. Its retail brands also proactively implement plastic-reduction measures, striving to strike a balance between product excellence and environmental protection, creating a greener environment.

Thinking GREEN

Watsons Water Hong Kong has recently kicked off its 5-year vision with cross-sector Go Green initiatives, bringing together stakeholders and recyclers to make collective efforts to reduce the bulk of plastic bottle waste. It has launched two innovative vending machines, namely “Green Point Smart Water Bottle Reverse Vending Machine” and “Green Point Smart Water Refilling Machine”, that will help turn back the tide of plastic pollution. The former accepts empty bottles for recycling and the latter allows empty bottles to be refilled. These machines are the first of 500 planned for Hong Kong.

Low-Carbon Carnival

To promote low-carbon lifestyle, seven volunteers from Watsons Water shared simple tips with the community in Wong Tai Sin to effortlessly reduce their carbon footprint. Members of the community took the first step to live sustainably by turning the recycled plastic bottles into beautiful plants, to design their own unique terrarium.


It was all hands on deck in Macau when the territory was hit by a No.10 signal typhoon. Electricity, phone and broadband connections were interrupted by the strong winds, and there was widespread flooding. Our staff worked tirelessly to clean up stores and reopen them as soon as possible after typhoon, and A.S. Watson Group donated 1,000 bottles of bleach and handwash to the Macau Red Cross and four containers of Watsons Water (over 18,000 bottles) to local charity groups. Big thanks to our staff in Macau!

Watsons Plastic Containers Recycle Programme

Watsons Hong Kong joined forces with Watson’s Water, World Green Organisation and Baguio Green Group to roll out the Watsons Plastic Containers Recycle Programme in all its Hong Kong stores in July. The campaign aimed to encourage active public participation and raise awareness of environmental protection. Customers and members of the public who returned a plastic container of personal care product or bottled water to any Watsons store would receive a shopping coupon and an e-Stamp, by collecting ten of which customers can join in an environmental protection workshop jointly held by Watsons and the World Green Organisation.

Go Green Office

A.S. Watson Group and its subsidiary Retail Hong Kong business units are awarded both the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal’s “Better World Company Label” and the World Green Organisation’s (WGO) “Green Office Label” under the “Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme” jointly launched by WGO and Junior Chamber International; in recognition of the Group’s achievement and commitment to improve its environmental performance through the successful implementation of energy savings, water savings, waste reduction, paper & printing and IT use & disposal.

Eco Park Visit

Watson’s Water organised an educational visit to the Eco Park in Tuen Mun on 25 Jun. Participants picked up useful green tips and learnt about the recycling process, like what appliances can be reused and donated, what cannot be reused and should be dismantled for material recovery, as well as how to sort materials.

Plastic Container Recycling

Since 2015, Watsons Hong Kong has run a “Plastic Container Recycling Programme” to collect plastic containers of Watsons own-brand personal care products at all stores in Hong Kong. Various promotional campaigns have encouraged public participation in the programme, and have raised people’s awareness about environmental protection. The programme received the “Outstanding Green Campaign” in the U Green Awards 2016, in recognition of its efforts in promoting environmental protection.

In 2016, Watsons joined forces with the World Green Organisation, Watsons Water and the Baguio Green Group to extend the recycling programme by collecting any plastic containers of any personal care products or bottled water.