Give Smiles to Children

Watsons Water Hong Kong collaborated with Operation Smile to raise funds in the hopes of offering free surgeries for children who suffer from cleft lip to bring their smiles back. Watsons Water donated $100 for each of the first 200 comments on their Facebook page who shared their smile photos. In addition, whenever “Drops of Fun” members donated 5 reward points, Watsons Water matched their donation with one bottle of water to Operation Smile.

WeCare for the Elderly

WeCare for the Elderly

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Watsons Water have worked closely with various sectors to protect everyone’s health. Watsons Water donated 100,000 WatsMask WeCare Face Masks to the elderly in need through Christian Family Service Centre and Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, doing their part to aid the response to these challenging times.

A.S. Watson Group Launches Hong Kong-made Own Brand Face Masks

Watsons Water Plant is Converted for Mask Production Automated Production in Dust-Free Clean Room

In response to the unstable global supply of hygienic face masks, A.S. Watson Group announced today its experienced distilled water and beverage manufacturing business, A.S. Watson Industries, has transformed part of its factory into dust-free clean room for producing own brand face masks in Hong Kong. The first batch of masks will be available at Watsons Hong Kong online and physical stores from mid-May.

Stay Healthy Together!

Stay Healthy Together!

To encourage the public to exercise more at home and remain healthy during the COVID lockdown, Watsons Water and Keep App co-organised the “Keep Health Community Campaign”. The campaign invited well-known and popular bloggers on Weibo to share their knowledge and tips on exercise and fitness and encourage viewers to drink more water during exercises, keeping a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude!

Care For Safety and Health


Watsons Water recently launches its brand new “We Care” campaign, focusing on three pillars: Quality, Safety and Sustainability. The strategy not only aims to build a sustainable brand, leveraged on past years’ efforts in rPET packaging development and smart bottle recycling initiatives, but also to connect with consumers who seek sense of security and quality guarantee during the coronavirus outbreak, by providing water product with 105℃ distilled quality and stringent quality assurance.

Watsons Water also rolls out the newly innovated “Watsons Fill and Go Smart Water Dispensing Station” this year, to bring a more eco-friendly choice for the businesses and organizations who want to show care to their employees by embracing their health concern and safety needs. We will also extend the scheme to introduce safe and quality distilled water into public organizations and schools to promote waste reduction and sustainability development.

Upcycling Plastic Bottles

Upcycling Plastic Bottles

Over 250 students from Kau Yan School set the world record title for the Largest Terrarium-Making Lesson on July 4. By leveraging up-cycling the disposed Watsons Water plastic bottle, each student created his/her own terrarium, giving new life to plastic bottles and helped reduce plastic waste with creativity.
Under the guidance of Mr. Eric Swinton, founder of V-cycle and Ms. Zoe Chan, founder of PuYu and registered horticultural therapist, students created their unique terrarium and learnt the basics of daily terrarium maintenance.

A.S. Watson Implements Proactive Plastic-Reduction Measures with its Retail Brands
Go Green and Make a Better Living Environment Together

According to the Waste Statistics for 2017 in “Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong” published by the Environmental Protection Department*, the average daily quantity of municipal solid waste disposed by Hong Kong people was 10,733 tpd, in which 20% of them (nearly 2,124 tpd) were plastics. A.S. Watson Group (ASW) puts environmental protection in high priority on its social responsibility agenda. It has been driving energy-efficiency, reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions to minimise negative impacts on the environment. Since 2014, ASW has taken the proactive step to ban the use of microplastic in its rinse-off own brand cosmetics/personal care scrub products development. The company is also committed to further extend the ban and targets to end the sales of all rinse-off cosmetics products / personal care products containing microplastics by the end of 2019. Its retail brands also proactively implement plastic-reduction measures, striving to strike a balance between product excellence and environmental protection, creating a greener environment.