Savers Wellbeing Week

During the Savers Wellbeing Week, colleagues were reminded that help and support are always available across the company. The team focused on providing everyone with resources and tips around each of Savers’ wellbeing pillars: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, financial wellbeing and social wellbeing.

Handwashing Done Right

Just before the start of the new school year, Drogas launched a campaign in social media and in-store to raise awareness on proper handwashing habits. A series of promotional messaging with characters Ms Soap Bubble and Mr Nasty Microbe were created and shared by Drogas employees through social media as well as flyers at the retail outlets to capture customers’ attention.

Superdrug Tops UK Customers Satisfaction Index


Superdrug comes top amongst the health and beauty retailers and ranks no.1 in the pure-play retail sector in UK Customers Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) this year, despite unprecedented impact of Covid-19 on retail industry.

A.S. Watson Group Pledges to Reduce Its Plastic Waste and Support the Use of Sustainable Palm Oil

banner 1200x396 A.S. Watson Group Pledges to Reduce Its Plastic Waste and Support the Use of Sustainable Palm Oil

A.S. Watson Group has announced to take on further responsibility for environmental sustainability by being the first health and beauty retailer to sign-up to the New Plastics Economy (NPE) Global Commitment to reduce plastic waste. It also has taken a Group membership with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to help address the environmental impact of palm oil.

Supporting the Community through Yoga

Yoga and Pilates are more than exercise that keeps us fit; they can sometimes bring an entire community together in difficult times. The Perfume Shop have been hosting a series of wellbeing workshops with guest instructors across multiple channels, taking yoga and Pilates classes to its communities.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

To ensure our colleagues stay mentally and physically healthy during the pandemic, the #ASWstayathome email series was created to share tips on reducing anxiety, staying active, and staying connected with each other across the Europe offices. Teams shared their best practices with virtual events and creative initiatives, including quizzes, informal virtual get-togethers, and Zoom yoga sessions. Working at A.S. Watson is more than just a job, it’s a place that brings people together.

Thank You for Work!

Thank You for Work!

As a response to COVID-19, April was named “Thank You for work!” month at Drogas and celebrated with different activities. Employees wrote thank-you notes to each other both in digital format and by hand. Office staff were asked to participate as volunteers, gifting nutrient supplement to the store teams and spend some time with them to say a personal thank you. The management team recorded a special thank-you video and shared with all employees, and an audio recording was aired on radio as well as in stores.

Commitment to Plastic Waste Reduction

Commitment to Plastic Waste Reduction

A.S. Watson is a signatory of the New Plastic Economy Global Commitment and pledges to reduce the overall impact of its own brand packaging by:
• Eliminating unnecessary packaging by 2030, avoiding over-packaging and phasing out PVC
• Targeting to use a minimum of 20% recycled plastic content in plastic packaging by 2025 , if supply permits it
• Promoting packaging that is more recyclable or reusable

Palm Oil Sustainability

Palm Oil Sustainability

As part of our commitments to promote sustainable and responsible Own Brand products, A.S. Watson has taken a group membership to the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”), a leading organisation promoting social and environmental compliance in the palm oil industry.
Sustainable palm oil has been introduced in various Own Brand products such as Kruidvat and Superdrug Brands. As a part of our strategy, we are expanding the selection of Own Brand products to be produced with RSPO-certified palm oil, offering more sustainable choices to our customers.

Say No to Cyberbullying

(中文) [;en]Say No to Cyberbullying 杜絕網上欺凌

With online trolling an increasingly visible issue, Superdrug is pledging to take a strong stance against negative behaviour online and instead encourage people to use their online platforms to spread kindness and positivity. Working with youth organisation, Ditch the Label, Superdrug is reminding social media users to #BeKind online and create a bully-free zone. Alongside the collaboration with Ditch the Label, Superdrug is joining with influential voices in the social space, content creators Imogenation, Simone Powderly and Georgia Rankin, to spread the word about the campaign.