Rewarding Emerging Talent

The Quality Framework organised the Award Scheme for Learning Experiences to encourage industry professionals to take part in work related learning in Hong Kong or overseas in order to gain wider exposure and network with their peers. Only the most exemplary industry professionals are eligible for this award. Terry Tsui, Assistant Store Manager of Watsons Hong Kong beat out the competition. He has shown his commitment in continuous professional development by learning new skills and capabilities, realising the ethos of lifelong learning.

Fun Sports Day

In a bid to foster togetherness between different departments, the Fun Sports Day gave everyone some down time and wind from work. An opportunity for everyone to express themselves creatively, employees also got together outside of office hours to enjoy some fun, whilst looking after their physical and mental wellbeing.

A GOOD cause to help

PARKnSHOP Hong Kong hosted the annual City Food Drive to collect grocery donations to help people in need, taking account of the growing need for meals as COVID-19 restricts the work of social welfare organisations who would normally be able to help.

This year, customers were encouraged to donate 4 specific items over 4 weeks. Over 56,000 designated food items were collected, and together with cash donation, over HK$867,000 was raised. PARKnSHOP provided the ingredients at cost to Food Angel, which turned them into nutritious meals for people most in need.

Live Happy, Stay Strong

To combat the pandemic, FORTRESS gave away portable UV sterilisers to all staff as a wellbeing gift, providing them with extra protection as well as recognising their contribution to Hong Kong for remaining at their positions during these difficult times.

A.S. Watson Group Invites All Retailers and Restaurants to Join Hands in Stimulating Consumer Spending

Free Registration as Partners to its 3.7 Million Members Moneyback Loyalty Programme
Donating 1.8 Million WatsMask as Incentive to Promote Cross-Retailer Shopping

English Key Visual 1024x509 A.S. Watson Group Invites All Retailers and Restaurants to Join Hands in Stimulating Consumer Spending

The COVID-19 pandemic has so far impacted significantly people’s daily lives and all industries. As an effort to prepare for consumer spending stimulation when the COVID-19 situation eases, A.S. Watson decides to open up Moneyback, the largest loyalty programme in town, to help all retailers to promote their business for free. The planned campaign is expected to encourage cross-retailer shopping in all 18 districts.

WeCare for the Elderly

WeCare for the Elderly

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Watsons Water have worked closely with various sectors to protect everyone’s health. Watsons Water donated 100,000 WatsMask WeCare Face Masks to the elderly in need through Christian Family Service Centre and Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, doing their part to aid the response to these challenging times.

A.S. Watson Group Pledges to Reduce Its Plastic Waste and Support the Use of Sustainable Palm Oil

banner 1200x396 A.S. Watson Group Pledges to Reduce Its Plastic Waste and Support the Use of Sustainable Palm Oil

A.S. Watson Group has announced to take on further responsibility for environmental sustainability by being the first health and beauty retailer to sign-up to the New Plastics Economy (NPE) Global Commitment to reduce plastic waste. It also has taken a Group membership with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to help address the environmental impact of palm oil.

Virtual Mentoring

Virtual Mentoring

FORTRESS joined hands with Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong and ran the Student Mentorship Programme for six consecutive years. Nearly 20 students from Po Chiu Catholic Secondary School participated this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was the first time for FORTRESS to conduct the programme online. The team introduced the brand story of FORTRESS and shared job interview skills. The students also had the opportunity to experience smart products from TechLife by FORTRESS and created a promotional video to learn and foster their interest in the electronic retail industry.

Palm Oil Sustainability

Palm Oil Sustainability

As part of our commitments to promote sustainable and responsible Own Brand products, A.S. Watson has taken a group membership to the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”), a leading organisation promoting social and environmental compliance in the palm oil industry.
Sustainable palm oil has been introduced in various Own Brand products such as Kruidvat and Superdrug Brands. As a part of our strategy, we are expanding the selection of Own Brand products to be produced with RSPO-certified palm oil, offering more sustainable choices to our customers.