Giving Thanks to Unsung Heroes

Let’s not forget the essential workers who keep us safe in the midst of pandemic. From medical workers and professional cleaners to postmen and education professionals, they could receive a free BE-KIND mini bar and a thank-you card at Watsons Hong Kong stores by showing their identification.

Time Out. Stretch Out

Time Out. Stretch Out[:z豐澤鬆一鬆h]

Sitting at a desk in an office all day will put strain your body. It’s important to take time to relax and stretch your muscles! FORTRESS invited colleagues to take on a stretching challenge. It may not be easy to some of its colleagues but FORTRESS encouraged them to try and start living a healthy lifestyle.

A.S. Watson will Donate 300,000 Kids Masks to Students in Need
To Fight Against COVID-19 and Prepare for School Resumption

A.S. Watson will Donate 300,000 Kids Masks to Students in Need To Fight Against COVID-19 and Prepare for School Resumption

A.S. Watson Group today announced that it will donate 300,000 pieces of kids masks to the primary school students in need to get them prepared for school resumption. In Hong Kong, classes at all schools have been suspended for over 4 months and are now expected to resume in phases. In view of the shortage of kids face masks in Hong Kong, A.S. Watson Group has been working tirelessly to source face masks from all over the world and will donate to the primary school students who are in need.

A.S. Watson Group Launches Hong Kong-made Own Brand Face Masks

Watsons Water Plant is Converted for Mask Production Automated Production in Dust-Free Clean Room

In response to the unstable global supply of hygienic face masks, A.S. Watson Group announced today its experienced distilled water and beverage manufacturing business, A.S. Watson Industries, has transformed part of its factory into dust-free clean room for producing own brand face masks in Hong Kong. The first batch of masks will be available at Watsons Hong Kong online and physical stores from mid-May.

Self-Care on Earth Day

Self-Care on Earth Day

On Earth Day, Watsons Hong Kong promoted green living via Facebook and Instagram. They provided information and encouraged the use of products made with natural ingredients such as shampoo and body wash, which contain less artificial chemical substances and are better for both your body and the environment. Let’s all commit to the betterment of ourselves and the Earth!

#WatsBagChallenge Social Game

#WatsBagChallenge Social Game

Partnering with IHKSports, Watsons Hong Kong initiated the #WatsBagChallenge social game. It involved sharing what you think are the five key items in epidemic control while performing a side plank. The challenge aimed to promote active and healthy living while staying at home, as well as raising general awareness on IHKSports. Tiffany Yue, IHKSports ambassadors and Hong Kong long jumper, demonstrated the challenge, which attracted many young and family KOLs to participate in and attempt the challenge.

Student Athletes Honoured in Virtual Ceremony

Student Athletes Honoured in Virtual Ceremony

922 outstanding student athletes were recognised for their achievements at the 15th A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the award ceremony was held online for the first time. 20 local sports stars were invited to announce the winners and encourage the student athletes to pursue their goals with enthusiasm in the live video ceremony on social media.

Care For Safety and Health


Watsons Water recently launches its brand new “We Care” campaign, focusing on three pillars: Quality, Safety and Sustainability. The strategy not only aims to build a sustainable brand, leveraged on past years’ efforts in rPET packaging development and smart bottle recycling initiatives, but also to connect with consumers who seek sense of security and quality guarantee during the coronavirus outbreak, by providing water product with 105℃ distilled quality and stringent quality assurance.

Watsons Water also rolls out the newly innovated “Watsons Fill and Go Smart Water Dispensing Station” this year, to bring a more eco-friendly choice for the businesses and organizations who want to show care to their employees by embracing their health concern and safety needs. We will also extend the scheme to introduce safe and quality distilled water into public organizations and schools to promote waste reduction and sustainability development.

Surgical Mask Reservation Goes Online

Surgical Mask Reservation Goes Online

Surgical mask is a necessity for citizens in Hong Kong, which is under extremely limited supply. Watsons Hong Kong therefore builds and rolls out a new online registration system for surgical mask reservation in a week, attracted 1.5 million people to reserve, while customers can pick-up the masks later to avoid queuing overnight which may increase health risk.

The efficient arrangement has earned trust and positive response from customers.