Plastic Recycling

Watsons Malaysia’s colleagues were invited to participate in plastic recycling workshops to raise their awareness on how plastic affect our environment and daily lives, how we can reduce single-use plastic as well as transform and upcycle used plastic to something useful. The first workshop taught participants how to turn used plastic bottles or skincare containers into planting pots and the second showed them how to make jewellery holder by using plastic straws.

A.S. Watson Group Opens Its Worldwide 15,000th Store In Kuala Lumpur

The world’s largest and fastest growing international health & beauty retailer A.S. Watson Group celebrates an important milestone today as it opens its 15,000th store.

Press Release and Appendix: A.S. Watson 10 Years Challenge (in pdf)

Bratology Session

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Watsons Malaysia invited Bratology specialists from Neubodi for an educational sharing session on breast health. All female staff had a chance to participate in a complementary bra fitting session. Neubodi is a lingerie brand that prioritises fit more than any other manufacturers worldwide. Most of their products are handcrafted for a perfect fit to best support their customers.

Recycling Awareness Campaign

In an effort to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, Watsons Malaysia created mini notebooks for every headquarters staff out of waste paper generated in the office. While paper use is sometimes unavoidable in the office, employees are encouraged to think twice before they print and do their best in recycling.

World Tapir Day

Watsons Malaysia celebrates World Tapir for the second year with a nationwide donation to raise funds for the “Treasure Our Tapirs” campaign. For every Naturals by Watsons product sold online and at the physical stores, RM1 was donated by Watsons to the campaign, which showcases the Malayan Tapir and educates the public on the importance of conserving Malaysia’s natural heritage.