A.S. Watson Group’s Global Survey Reveals Post-COVID Trends – The Importance of Customer Connectivity in Retail’s New Normal

A.S. Watson Group, the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, announced a Global COVID-19 Survey conducted by WISE in April. Over 22,000 consumers across over 20 markets in Asia and Europe shared their shopping intentions post-COVID. The pandemic has changed the way consumers shop and live, with the value of relationships becoming increasingly high. The survey revealed that all respondents want to get back to retail store and to have human connections again.

ASW Infographic Eng 1024x705 A.S. Watson Group’s Global Survey Reveals Post COVID Trends   The Importance of Customer Connectivity in Retail’s New Normal

The Colours of Life

FORTRESS and homeware brand Camel joined hands to launch a series of special edition thermal flasks dubbed “The Colours of Life”, with five colourful designs that capture positive messaging around Life, Happiness, Love, Success and Hope. For every five thermal flasks sold, FORTRESS donated one vacuum flask and HK$30 to the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff to cheer our medical workers on.

Rewarding Emerging Talent

The Quality Framework organised the Award Scheme for Learning Experiences to encourage industry professionals to take part in work related learning in Hong Kong or overseas in order to gain wider exposure and network with their peers. Only the most exemplary industry professionals are eligible for this award. Terry Tsui, Assistant Store Manager of Watsons Hong Kong beat out the competition. He has shown his commitment in continuous professional development by learning new skills and capabilities, realising the ethos of lifelong learning.

Savers Wellbeing Week

During the Savers Wellbeing Week, colleagues were reminded that help and support are always available across the company. The team focused on providing everyone with resources and tips around each of Savers’ wellbeing pillars: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, financial wellbeing and social wellbeing.

Fun Sports Day

In a bid to foster togetherness between different departments, the Fun Sports Day gave everyone some down time and wind from work. An opportunity for everyone to express themselves creatively, employees also got together outside of office hours to enjoy some fun, whilst looking after their physical and mental wellbeing.

A GOOD cause to help

PARKnSHOP Hong Kong hosted the annual City Food Drive to collect grocery donations to help people in need, taking account of the growing need for meals as COVID-19 restricts the work of social welfare organisations who would normally be able to help.

This year, customers were encouraged to donate 4 specific items over 4 weeks. Over 56,000 designated food items were collected, and together with cash donation, over HK$867,000 was raised. PARKnSHOP provided the ingredients at cost to Food Angel, which turned them into nutritious meals for people most in need.

Handwashing Done Right

Just before the start of the new school year, Drogas launched a campaign in social media and in-store to raise awareness on proper handwashing habits. A series of promotional messaging with characters Ms Soap Bubble and Mr Nasty Microbe were created and shared by Drogas employees through social media as well as flyers at the retail outlets to capture customers’ attention.

Live Happy, Stay Strong

To combat the pandemic, FORTRESS gave away portable UV sterilisers to all staff as a wellbeing gift, providing them with extra protection as well as recognising their contribution to Hong Kong for remaining at their positions during these difficult times.