Beach cleanup day

Beach cleanup day

Watsons Malaysia organises a volunteer day for its staff to clean up the beach and visit the turtle sanctuary, putting their efforts together in conservation of coastal environments and protection of marine ecosystems.  

A love-spreading cause in festive Malaysia

Watsons Selebriti Aidilfitri

Watsons Malaysia made the Ramadan celebrations even more special this year by involving customers in the "Watsons Selebriti Aidilfitri" campaign. Celebrity friends of Watsons were invited to adopted orphanages to extend our love to the children of the homes, while members of the public were encouraged to purchase products from participating suppliers whereby RM$0.10 from each item sold was donated to the 3 homes which Watsons Malaysia has adopted. This is the 2nd year of Watsons Malaysia's solidarity action towards the orphanages. Apart from monetary donation, staff also show their caring of the children by spending time with them to build true companionship through the movie nights and lunch treats.

Isn’t Life Great