Founded in 1975 as a Hong Kong Electricity Group tariff collection, promotion and sales centre, FORTRESS has grown into the leading retailer of electrical appliances in Hong Kong and Macau with over 70 retail outlets.

Our success can be attributed to a relentless innovating spirit and dedication to service excellence. We were the first to establish HD Zones for high definition digital appliances, and we offer a variety of customer services including different warranty coverage for appliances and electronics and even an “Ideal Gift List” service.

In a move to further improve our customer’s shopping experience in 2003, all our outlets were re-designed into one of three concepts – FORTRESS World, Digital, and Vision. Each concept offers a wide selection of the latest and top-branded personal electronics, digital devices and home appliances with a slightly differentiated focus.

In 2006, we set up the Fortress Academy to give our sales personnel a more comprehensive training and to help them provide a more professional and satisfying service to our customers. We are also the only electronics chain store in Hong Kong to be qualified as an Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) dealer, being granted the qualification in 2009.

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