Our People StoryGoh Shiar Yin (Sharene)

Cluster Pharmacy Manager
Watson Singapore
Goh Shiar Yin (Sharene)
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I am a Cluster Pharmacy Manager who thrives on the friendly and energetic culture at Watsons. I am the first pharmacist to clinch the 2014 Service Excellence SuperStar Award by the Singapore Retailers Association. I enjoy working as part of a dynamic team with great colleagues and superiors. It’s a supportive environment where talented people are given the opportunity to succeed. During the last five years with Watsons, I am very glad that I have been promoted three times. One of most impressive times for me is when a distraught tourist asked me to help charge his dead phone as it was his only means to contact his family. Two years later, when I was in a media interview, the interviewer turned out to be that tourist. He recognised me and thanked me for helping him charge his phone!

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