Our Loyalty Programmes

More Rewards for Loyal Customers

A.S. Watson Group understands that great products and services are not enough to make sure we remain close to our customer. It’s important to utterly focus on building lasting relationships with our customers. Here’s where our loyalty programmes come in.

We now have over 138 million loyal customers and our loyalty programmes go beyond earning rewards. We see these programmes as ways to better understand our customers; as a way to communicate and provide a highly personalised service that meets – and even exceeds – our customers’ expectations.

Our retail brands all offer loyalty programmes, and in some markets, we even offer region-wide privileges – Watsons One Pass, enabling loyal customers to enjoy local-member benefits when they shop with Watsons outside their home market.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

The depth of our consumer understanding depends on the willingness to share personal data with us. The trust our customers place in us to keep their data secure, and to use it responsibly, is something we take very seriously.

We are transparent with customers and other stakeholders about the data we collect and why, who we share it with, and how long we keep it. They can depend on our company-wide policies and processes to safeguard their personal details, and to comply with data protection and privacy laws, including the GDPR in Europe. Our customers are given control over how any collected personal data is used or shared, by being able to change their data settings at any time.

We regularly review our data protection practices and ensure that privacy is built into everything we do.

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