PARKnSHOP Give-Back to Hong Kong Citizens
320,000 Winners to Share $32 Million through Lucky Draw Also A Chance to Win 1-Minute Shopping Spree

ESS lucky draw 1920x1080 工作區域 1 copy 1024x576 PARKnSHOP Give Back to Hong Kong Citizens  <br>320,000 Winners to Share $32 Million through Lucky Draw Also A Chance to Win 1 Minute Shopping Spree

Following the announcement of Cash Food Coupon to give back to the underprivileged, PARKnSHOP is delighted to roll out the “Cheer Up! Smile & Win Lucky Draw” (the Luck Draw) today, as part of the plan to rebate to the general public in the second tranche of Employment Support Scheme (ESS), which has been accepted by the government. As per government’s request, supermarket chains should give back to the customers without conditions, and it shouldn’t be bundled with any promotional or membership privileges so PARKnSHOP will roll out the Lucky Draw. Without any purchase required, the general public can enter the lucky draw and stand a chance to win HK$100 supermarket vouchers by providing the month and date of birth* and a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number through online or hotline registration from 12 to 18 October 2020, participant name and Hong Kong Identity Card number are not required. To bring more joy to Hong Kong people, on top of the committed $32 million cash vouchers, PARKnSHOP will add 10 Grand Prizes of “1-Minute Free Shopping Spree” and 3,000 “Exclusive-for-You” Product Sets, in addition to the ESS proposal on giving back to customers. Combining the supermarket cash vouchers that will be given out to 320,000 winners, the total value of the lucky draw prizes is over HK$32 Million!

Lucky Draw Details:

When to Register? 1:00 pm 12 October to 11:59pm 18 October 2020
How to Register? Participant can enter the lucky draw by registering the month and date of birth* and a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number* through
PARKnSHOP Event Website or
Event Hotline: 3699 8822 (300 Lines)
Phone with voice and SMS function is required.

320,000 lucky draw winners will be randomly drawn by computer system and the result will be announced on 23 October 2020. Prizes include:
Grand Prize: HK$100 PARKnSHOP cash vouchers and “1-minute Free Shopping Spree” (10 Winners)
2nd Prize: HK$100 PARKnSHOP cash vouchers and “Exclusive-for-you” Product Set (3,000 Winners)
3rd Prize: HK$100 PARKnSHOP cash vouchers (316,990 Winners)

* If the participant’s Hong Kong ID card only contains the year of birth without specifying the month and date of birth, the participant can use the month and date of the “Issue Date” indicated on the Hong Kong ID card for registration.

ESS lucky draw 1920x1080 工作區域 1 copy 2 1024x576 PARKnSHOP Give Back to Hong Kong Citizens  <br>320,000 Winners to Share $32 Million through Lucky Draw Also A Chance to Win 1 Minute Shopping Spree

PARKnSHOP has appointed a leading international consulting firm, Ernst & Young Advisory Services Limited, as an independent observer to observe that the system generates all winners randomly during the Lucky Draw process. All winners will be notified individually by SMS with the registered mobile phone number from 29 October to 12 November in phases. The“1-minute Free Shopping Spree” for Grand Prize will be tentatively held on 6 December in the designated PARKnSHOP store, winners will be notified by PARKnSHOP Customer Service Department separately; 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize winners can redeem the awards in batches from 2 to 30 November by presenting their SMS notification, registered mobile phone number and quote the month and date of birth at any PARKnSHOP store. For more details of lucky draw and prize redemption, please visit

Trade Promotion Competition Licence Number: 53762


1. Will there be a bigger chance to win the prize if I register earlier?
No, each participant is entitled to one lucky draw chance upon registration. The registration lasts for 7 days, so there is no need to hurry.

2. Why not provide discounts directly?
PARKnSHOP has been constantly offering different promotions and discounts to customers, and the government also indicated that discounts to customers (including price reductions, freeze prices, and other measures linked to the price of goods) are not accepted as a way to give back to the general public. Therefore, no discounts are included in the rebate programme.

3. Why did PARKnSHOP choose to hold a lucky draw as the rebate plan to the general public?
The government requires supermarkets to provide general public with unconditional cash rebate which shouldn’t be provided upon any purchase. Apart from lucky draw, the cash vouchers can only be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at stores. But concerning public health and safety during the pandemic as well as avoiding the chaos and potential health risks during cash coupons distribution, we have no other choice.

4. Why not provide cash vouchers with bigger face value in the lucky draw?
We understand that giving shopping discount is the most direct and easiest way, but this time is an exceptional case, and we have no choice but to distribute cash vouchers in the form of lucky draw. In order to benefit as many general public as possible, we decided to distribute cash vouchers with single face value.

5. Do customers need to purchase a certain amount to use it?

6. Can PARKnSHOP employees participate in this lucky draw?
We will have another reward programme for our employees, so PARKnSHOP employees are not allowed to participate in this lucky draw.

7. What will PARKnSHOP do with those cash vouchers that are not redeemed by the winners?
If the winners don’t redeem the prize after the redemption period, PARKnSHOP will donate the cash vouchers to the designated charity organisations.

8. How would you use the personal data collected?
PARKnSHOP only collect personal data for the purpose of informing the winners and validating their identity when they redeem the prizes, we will properly store and encrypt the personal information collected. The Lucky Draw only requires participant’s mobile number, date and month of birth, and does not request the name and HKID number of the participant. All collected information will be destroyed 30 days after the activity ends.

9. Is the Lucky Draw aimed at relieving the financial pressure of the general public?
No, this is part of the give back requirement by government for ESS. The aim is to use a way to give coupons to customer without any purchase conditions attached. On top of what the government has approved, PARKnSHOP will add 10 Grand Prizes of “1-Minute Free Shopping” offer and 3,000 “Exclusive-for-you” Product Sets.

10. Is the Lucky Draw aimed at helping those who are unemployed because of the pandemic?