The Brand-New GREAT Food Hall Is Coming to “Be Great Together!”
Bringing You a Premium Shopping Experience
with a taste of over 12,000 Delicacies from around the World

GREAT Food Hall, located inside Pacific Place, has unveiled its brand-new look. After completing a few months long renovation program, GREAT has reimagined its spacious floor area of 36,000 square feet, and has selected over 12,000 surprising delicacies from all over the globe. The new-look GREAT guarantees all customers can enjoy their shopping experience in an enormous and comfy environment dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional gourmet cuisine.

Modern Simplicity highlights Featured Products under gentle lighting
The remodeled GREAT has been revamped to a modern and contemporary design. With rustic concrete wall finishes, and a combination of an airy, open and wave-like ceiling, GREAT is very much on-point with new design trends. Touches of bronze in mirrors and gold trimmings have been used as decoration for food counters, sharply contrasting with the diamond stone-effect floor. The new impression is of a luxury food hall that seeks to make an art of food shopping, amidst a perfect, visually engaging food hall experience.

Strengthening of the three GREAT Zones comprising Globally-sourced Delicacies
After its large-scale renovation, GREAT has introduced its new concept for gourmet food by dividing the store into three major GREAT zones, namely ‘Be GREAT!’ Take-Away Zone, ‘Be GREAT!’ Fresh-Take-Home Zone, and ‘Be GREAT!’ FMCG Zone. To bring a fully refreshed shopping experience, GREAT has gathered over 12,000 specialist products, including 2,000 exclusive brands, from around the globe, to present a fresh and newly invigorating international shopping experience.

‘Be GREAT!’ Take-Away Zone
Busy Hong Kongers can fulfill their lunch needs without having to queue for orders and then rush back to the office. The refreshing ‘Be GREAT’ Take-Away Zone provides a spectrum of premium take-away, which is freshly made for busy workers. It includes 40 kinds of make-your-own Salad, 130 types of Sushi platter and Japanese Bento, 30 types of grilled delicacies, Thai-style Hainan chicken rice and daily handmade pasta freshly made from Italian raw materials. What’s more, GREAT has also introduced a vegetarian brand, Green Common, with its products such as Omnipork Spaghetti Bolognese and Omnipork Meatball, so as to cater to the diversified needs of vegetarians. Another bakery brand from America, LA Boulangerie, freshly makes over 200 varieties of breads and pastries from flour imported from France. Its famous Gelato is also an unmissable speciality.

Apart from a wide selection of gourmet foods, GREAT is going to put into operation Taste-to-Go, a mobile app for customers who are in hurry. By completing a pre-order and payment procedure on the app, customers can collect their meals as soon as they arrive at the store during their chosen time slot. This massively shortens queuing times during the hectic lunch hour.

‘Be GREAT!’ Fresh-Take-Home Zone
As a premier international food hall, GREAT boasts a huge selection of worldwide delicacies. The Fresh-Take-Home Zone is managed by our Austrian Star Chef, Matthias Pichler, formerly In-house Chef at one of Ireland’s top 5-star hotels. He selects from jet-fresh ingredients and presents them in-store to give our customers the inspiration for cooking scrumptious dishes at home.

Fresh Meat Counter
GREAT exclusively introduces premium pork and lamb from British famous meat merchant, “The Ginger Pig” in North Yorkshire, England, and will also introduce the brand’s famous dry-aged longhorn yellow beef. GREAT also imports Tasmania Cape Grim Beef, which is humanely and sustainably grown with no added hormones and is antibiotic-free. Given the completely pollution-free environment in Tasmania, the beef produced is quality-guaranteed. A unique QR code is provided at the meat counter for customers to trace the origins of the beef and its transporting procedure from the farm to store. Apart from quality meat, GREAT has launched a free dry-ageing service meticulously monitored by our star chef, Matthias. Customers who have bought a beef item can enjoy the service of our advancing machine which can dry-age the meat from 21 to 42 days.

Seafood counter
30 kinds of sustainable seafood have been carefully sourced, including Australian seabass, Australian organic blue mussels, and chilled Irish organic salmon. The Seafood counter serves customers a true taste of saltwater freshness, and makes a contribution to our good environmental conservation practices.

As Hong Kong’s first food hall with its own cheese room, and with tight control of temperature and humidity, GREAT offers over 200 of the world’s finest cheeses. Two premium cheese brands, France’s Mons Comté and Italy’s Artigiana, are especially promoted, bringing shoppers great myriads of creamy or complex flavours to suit everyone’s tastes.

To celebrate the reopening of GREAT, celebrity chef Christian Yang has been invited to select precious ingredients from within GREAT to create an elementary 3-course recipe, named ‘Be Great Together!’ This will demonstrate to shoppers how they can create their own home-made masterpieces and extraordinary dishes for friends and family (for details of the recipe, please refer to attachment 2).

Our professional purchasing team has travelled all over the world to bring you an astonishing journey of taste. Among 2,000 exclusive brands, GREAT features product ranges by England’s Waitrose, France’s Casino, Australia’s Woolworths and Korea’s You Us. Moreover, GREAT has sourced a series of special alcoholic beverages, including 50 kinds of craft beer and 200 varieties of Japanese sake, while particularly recommending Junmai Daiginjo Fukurotori Shizuku. GREAT will also introduce exclusive and ‘new-to-HK’ products, including truffle-based foods by Truffle Hunters from the UK, and GREAT’s recommended products, such as a selection of 23 teas from awarded Chinese tea brand Man Cha, and especially its most-awarded Milk Oolong.

With healthier diet trends becoming ever more popular, GREAT has launched a wellness corner filled with an array of healthy brands, including the famous American brand Bob’s Red Mill, exclusive organic brand Waitrose Dutchy from the UK supermarket, and France’s Casino Bio.

Last but not least, GREAT is the very first supermarket to offer a refill station for laundry and personal care liquid by New Zealand’s Ecostore, encouraging customer to buy refill products instead of new single-use bottles, to foster Green living and reduce plastic consumption and waste.