Enjoy the Freshest tastes from Korea at Great

Enjoy the Freshest tastes from Korea at Great

GREAT, Hong Kong's premier international food hall is launching the Korean Food Festival from today to August 23, 2007 with the widest range of authentic products from Korea. The promotion features Ginseng Products, MSG-free Instant Noodles, Sauces and Canned Food, Korean Munchies and Korean Drinks. Food counters at GREAT are also highlighting Korean inspired dishes and gelato creations during the promotion.

1) Korean Ginseng Products

Ginseng is a medicinal herb with health values that have been recognised for centuries. With its specific soil and climatic conditions, Korea is considered the best place to grow ginseng. Today, Korean ginseng is regarded as the highest quality ginseng among all varieties and is believed to help promote long life. Apart from its medicinal use, ginseng is widely used in Korean cuisines. Ginseng chicken soup is Korean's best known traditional tonic and you can now enjoy the healthy benefits and mouth-watering flavour of the soup with convenient Borifood Korean Samgyetang soup pack ($39/ 900g) from GREAT. Kookje is offering its Red Ginseng Tea Mix ($59.90/ 45g) and Red Ginseng Vinegar Drink ($129/ 500ml) for enjoyment at anytime of the day. Ginseng also makes great candy, which is one of the most popular souvenirs for tourists in Korea. At GREAT, you can find Mammos Ginseng Candy ($29.90/ 280g), Daa San Korean Red Ginseng Jelly ($43.90/ 280g) and even Red Ginseng Chocolate ($99.80/ 165g; $169.50/ 308g) from Sun Young.

2) MSG-free Instant Noodles

It's hard to imagine instant noodles without MSG! To satisfy different needs and offer customers with more and healthier choices, Korea's number one instant noodles and snacks manufacturer Nong Shim has created a range of MSG-free instant noodles and cup noodles. The MSG-free range comes in instant noodle packs or noodle cups, and in a great variety of mouth-watering flavours, including Sarigomtangmyun (Ox Rib) ($6.90/ 110g), Bogulbogul (Ham and Kimchi) ($6.50/ 120g), Beef and Radish ($28.50/ 4 packs), Spicy Potato ($28.50/ 4 packs), Potato Pork Stew ($8.50/ 121g) and Clay Pot Cup Noodle ($4/ 70g).

For Korean style noodle dishes, try Black Rice Vermicelli ($22/500g).

3) Sauces and Canned food

Using the right sauces can greatly enhance taste and authenticity when cooking Korean dishes. Daesang offers premium sauces made with the highest quality ingredients, including Anchovy Sauce ($12.90/500g), BBQ Sauce ($17.00/240g), Soy Bean Paste ($27.00/ 500g), Hot Pepper Paste with Vinegar ($12.00/300g), Corn Malt Syrup ($11.90/700g) and Mayonnaise ($14.80/300g).

For cooking quick meals or making tasty sandwich fillings Dongwon provides great canned food solutions, including Tuna in Sunflower Seed Oil, Hot Pepper Tuna, Kimchi Tuna ($13.90/150g), Tuna in Olive Oil, Tuna in Grapeseed Oil, Hot Spicy Chilli Tuna, Hot Spicy Tomato Tuna ($16.90/150g), Salmon in Olive Oil ($29.90/200g), Shell meat ($69.00/400g) and Hot Corned Pork ($10.50/165g).

To satisfy immediate cravings simply microwave a package of Dongwon Instant Pumpkin Porridge ($17.90/285g).

4) Korean Munchies

Seaweed is often used in soups and stews in Korean dishes and is also a favourite Korean snack when seasoned and roasted. Dongwon Seaweed comes in three flavors, including Original ($12.50/ 16.8g), Perilla Oil ($11.90/ 15g) and Olive Oil ($15.50/ 20g).

Apart from its MSG-free instant noodles, Nong Shim is also introducing MSG-free crisps in a variety of yummy flavors, including Sweet Potato Snack ($5.90/ 55g), Squid Snack ($5.90/ 55g), Fried Chicken Snack ($7.50/ 55g), Pizza Snack ($5.90/ 60g), Onion Ring Snack ($5.50/ 50g) and Rice Shrimp Cracker ($7.50/ 80g).

If you have a sweet tooth for chocolate, don't miss out on Korea's famous Sun Young Chocolate. The popular dark chocolate collection contains high cocoa concentration. Sample the High Cocoa Collection ($14.50/ 36g) which contains four pieces of dark chocolate with different cocoa concentrations (56.5%, 62.5%, 72.5%, and 82.5%). Sun Young Dark Chocolates with different cocoa concentrations are also available in boxes and bags ($14.50-$69.90). For an alternative taste, try the Sun Young Kimchi Flavored Chocolate ($99/ 162g; $58/72g).

5) Korean Drinks

There is a wide range of traditional wines in Korea; if you fancy about strong wine, try Korean Jinro wine ($436/ 1300ml), a traditional wine which is made from wheat and contains 19.8% alcohol.

Looking for non-alcoholic refreshing drinks for summer? Kookje Food is your cup of tea. Kookje Food introduced the world's first concentrated grapefruit tea and now the company has developed a wide range of healthy tea products, based on traditional Korean tea culture. Selected products include Honey Jin Citron Tea ($39.80/ 560g; $69/ 1kg), Honey Jujube Tea ($49/ 560g; $48.90/ 1kg), Walnut and Job's Tears Tea ($38.90/ 600g), Honey Plum Tea ($33/ 560g), Honey Pomegranate Tea ($XX/ XXg), Brown Rice Green Tea Bag ($13.90/ 37.5g), Arrowroot Tea ($37.90/ 225g) and Wildflower Honey ($69.90/ 600g).

Citron Jam ($29.90/ 390g) and Plum Jam ($29.90/ 380g) are also available from Kookje Food.

6) Korean Delights at Food Counters

During the Korean Festival, delicious Traditional Korean Pickles ($10/ 100g) are available at GREAT, including Burdock, Bean Sprouts, Radish and Carrot, Kimchi (Cabbage), Cucumber, and Spinach. These pickles are excellent side dishes and the spicy and tangy flavours are very appetizing in summer.

Pot stews and casseroles are indispensable on a Korean table. To enjoy these at home, try GREAT's ready-to-cook sets! The Traditional Korean Plate Set ($68) includes freshly prepared vegetables, tofu, Korean pickles, beef and a soup base, and the package comes with a metal cooking pot. The Korean Stone Rice Set ($58) comes in a clay bowl with seasoned and prepared Korean rice, all you have to do is put the bowl on the stove to cook again before serving. Korean Style Rice ($38) with pork, beef or chicken is also available for take away without the clay bowl.

If noodles are your thing, don't miss the Korean Cold Noodles Pack ($25), which contains raw noodles and a sauce base for creating delicious Korean cold noodles at home.

Mr Paolo Predonzan, gelato Master of I-SCREAM has even created a series of uniquely Korean flavours exclusively for GREAT, including Persimmon Sorbet ($30 / scoop) made with fresh Korean sweet persimmon. Other new flavours specially created for the Korean festival include refreshing Hibiscus Gelato ($22 / scoop), made with an infusion of petals of the hibiscus flowers and the exciting Kimchi Gelato (Just for tasting at Great)made with the spicy Korean pickled cabbage kimchi.

Special desserts include Yaksik ($40), a chilled gelato version of yaksik, Korea's popular sweet sticky rice dessert. Inside a coating made with sticky rice, chestnut and pine nut is a filling of cinnamon and honey gelato! Coppa Pat See Bing ($60) is the I-SCREAM version of the extremely popular Korean shaved ice with red bean dessert.

Come to GREAT today to savour the uniquely Korean flavours!

About GREAT Food Hall

GREAT Food Hall is a stylish food concept and international food hall that is well recognized by public as one of the best food shops in Hong Kong. Owned and operated by the A.S. Watson Group, it was created to rank alongside the world's best gourmet food halls. The Grocer magazine, an authority on the food and drink industry, ranked GREAT Food Hall as one of the world's top ten food halls in 2006 from over 40 different countries for its food quality, merchandising, and atmosphere in store, as well as staff knowledge. As a leading food hall in Hong Kong, GREAT continuously strives to bring new food concepts in town like i-SCREAM, an Italian gelato brand; Crescendo, an innovative concept for customers providing freshly bottled fine olive oils and vinegars in store; Le Traiteur, a fresh gourmet European take-away food service serving a wide range of specialties and canapes. GREAT's professional buying team continues to search for new and popular products.

The 34,500-square ft GREAT food hall is located at the basement of Pacific Place and offers one of the widest varieties of gourmet foods in Asia as well as a range of complimentary guest relations services to guests, including free parking and valet parking, porter service, free gift-wrapping, nutrition consultation, home delivery and office food delivery.