Enjoy a GREAT Easter with hundreds of delicious Easter treats!

Enjoy a GREAT Easter with hundreds of delicious Easter treats!

Easter is coming! To celebrate, GREAT the premier international food hall in Hong Kong will change into a Easter fairyland filled with hundreds of Easter delicacies such as Giant Chocolate Easter Eggs, Easter Chocolate Gift Boxes, Organic Chocolate Gift Boxes, Easter Cartoon Gift Boxes and Mini Easter Eggs.

Giant Chocolate Easter Eggs

This is the first Easter that GREAT has imported Cadbury Giant Chocolate Easter Eggs directly from England, each of which weighs 295g-629g! There are numerous flavours, including Variety ($133.0/295g), Easter limited Edition Creme Egg ($266.0/629g) and Mini Egg ($266.0/595g), in addition to the ever-popular Crunchie Egg($266.0/595g). Each favour is available in medium size or mini size gift boxes. Also from England, come special editions of Easter Eggs by Mars($41.0/88g), Maltesers ($41.0/90g) and Quality Street ($92.0/ 260g).

Easter Chocolate Gift Boxes

Easter is also a great time for adults! The special range of premium chocolate brands including Bendicks and Guylian. Bendicks was founded in 1930 in Britain and is reputedly one of the most supreme chocolate brands. Bendicks Dark Mint Chocolate ($353.0/410g), the best sellers last year, will be returning to GREAT to celebrate Easter time. Famous Belgian Chocolate brand Guylian has a new look this spring. Guylian Easter Chocolate Gift Set ($143.0/ 285g) includes a large chocolate egg with a pack of classic shell-shaped chocolate. Guylian Easter Edition Mini Chocolate Eggs ($80.0/200g), with three different flavours: white chocolate crispy rice, orange-flavored milk chocolate and dark chocolate truffle, is now available at GREAT.

Other luxury and special edition Easter chocolate eggs gift boxes such as YORKIE Chocolate Easter Egg Gift Box ($108.0/188g), Kit-Kat 70th Anniversary Gift Box($84.0/141g) and After-Eight Chocolate Gift Box ($99.0/335g) are available too. Besides the deluxe chocolate Easter Egg, both YORKIE and Kit-Kat Gift Boxes are giving out a collectable mug. They are the best choices for Easter gifting!

Organic Chocolate Gift Boxes

British organic chocolate maker Green & Black's is famous for its organic quality products and how can chocolate lovers miss this? Green & Black's Maya Gold Chocolate Easter Eggs ($66.0/110g) create a unique aroma and taste with a mixture of dark chocolate, fresh oranges, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. Besides, Besides, Green & Black's Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs ($108.0/180g) and Green & Black's Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs ($108.0/180g) in different sizes and the Deluxe gift Set ($266.0/ 400g) are also available for this Easter at GREAT.

The organic food brand Duchy Originals was founded by the HRH The Price of Wales. GREAT is introducing Duchy Originals Easter Gift Box ($232.0/227g) for the festival. Two flavours, dark and milk chocolate, of Easter Eggs are packed into a delicate transparent gift box that clearly shows the sophisticated brand logo engraved on the chocolate eggs.

Easter Cartoon Gift Boxes and Mini Easter Eggs

GREAT is preparing some interesting cartoon gift boxes for the children. Figures like rabbits, chickens and sheep are always children's favorite. Creative Chocolate Confectionery Easter Sheep Gift Box ($113/box) includes a sheep figure made from white chocolate together with a sheep. The Smarties Decoration Kit ($89.0/box) provides color stickers and paints for children to create their own Easter egg; the Pink Smarties Jewellery Set ($83.0/box) is ideal for girls with an artificial coloured free pink Smarties in a gigantic Smarites Eggshell that includes a toy jewellery set.

Mini Easter Eggs like MilkyWay Mini Easter Eggs ($41.0/80g), Galaxy Mini Easter Eggs ($11.0/38g), Rolo Mini Easter Eggs ($11.5/35g), Smarties Mini Chocolate Packs ($56.0/130 g) and Terry's Mini Orange Chocolate Packs ($28.0/91g) are another Easter favourite. To cater for chocolate lovers with health concern, GREAT also provide Diabetiker Sugar-free Easter Chocolates($39.0/30g) from Germany.

GREAT Bunny Drawing Competition

GREAT is also holding a drawing competition for children under 13. Those who fill in the form and submit their drawings to GREAT on a A3 paper and labelled "GREAT Easter Bunny at the Tea Party" before April 1 can enter. All participants in the competition will receive a gift from GREAT. The entries will be displayed at GREAT and the winner will receive a GREAT Easter hamper with painting books set, chocolate gift box and colouring pens.