The Biggest Health & Beauty Store in Korea

The Biggest Health & Beauty Store in Korea (只提供英文版本)

  • Asia's No.1 Health & Beauty Store,"Watsons" opens its Myeong-dong store on 30 June 2005.
  • Various gifts including 1-carat diamond valued at KRW 4 million.
  • Unique imported and domestic goods of 14,000 latest health & beauty items at great prices.
  • Watsons expect to be a bridge for domestic brands to enter foreign market.
  • GS-Watsons,a 50:50 joint venture between GS Retail (formally LG Mart) and A.S. Watson,the retail division of Hutchison Whampoa Limited.,opens its 2nd store,the biggest health & beauty store in Korea,in Myeong-dong on 30 June 2005.

    Watsons is a multi-shop with health & beauty goods such as cosmetics,hair care,body care,health functional food,small gift items,etc. targeting to young women. The 2nd store of GS-Watsons,Myeong-dong store is 190 pyeong over 3 floors and offering over 14,000 latest items of health,beauty and fun related goods to meet Korean women's needs with high interest in health & beauty.

    Especially there is also a pharmacy and nail art in this new store to meet Korean women's varied needs in one place.

    GS-Watsons is going to give out fortune cookies with lucky messages from its opening date,30 June to 2 July in Myeong-dong area and one winner will receive a one-carat diamond valued at KRW 4 million to celebrate the opening of Watsons Myeong-dong store. There are also various gifts including MP3 players,Watsons gifts vouchers,etc.

    GS-Watsons is not only offering unique imported goods to Korean women by expanding its store network in Korea,but is also taking domestic brands to foreign markets. As a good example,Missha has been recently launched in Taiwan by Watsons and received a good reaction from Taiwanese women.

    Gordon Reid,Regional Managing Director of Watsons Taiwan and GS-Watsons said,"Watsons Myeong-dong store opening allows Korean young women to enjoy the largest ranges of foreign and domestic health & beauty items at great prices at one place," he added,"Watsons is going to firmly position itself in Korea in future years by opening 10 stores each year."