Kruidvat Finance for financial products

Kruidvat Finance For Financial Products

As of Tuesday 28 June Kruidvat offers a new financial product: het Kruidvat Krediet. The assortment of the always surprising drugstore chain offers consumers a personal loan against a very sharp interest rate.

Kruidvat serves millions of customers each week and knows like no other what consumers want: sharp prices, simple conditions, clear agreements and transparent procedures.

Consumers can choose with Kruidvat Krediet between loans ranging between 5.000 euro to a maximum of 25.000 euro. On the basis of personal information an agreement is made how much can be borrowed. The customer himself can determine the term of the loan, from 24 to 72 months. The interest rate is fixed for the whole term. The monthly payments are also fixed and will never be higher than agreed upon.

Kruidvat Protection Plan
Kruidvat also offers a very favourable protection against obligation to pay (liability) in case of unvoluntary unemployment, disability or demise.

Free redemption service
Consumers who already have a personal loan can place it in a much more favourable Kruidvat personal loan for free.

The leaflet that is available in the shops offers more information about the Kruidvat Krediet as well as an application form. Consumers can also visit You can also reach us by phone, toll free 0800 266 36 78 on weekdays between 09.00 and 21.00 hrs and on Saturdays between 10.00 – 17.00 hrs. After a thorough advice an offer that is completely free of obligations will be send to the home addresses so that customers have time and freedom to decide whether they want to make use of the Kruidvat Krediet.

In order to offer this attractive product successfully, Kruidvat cooperates with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), one of the world's biggest banks with a lot of experience with these kinds of products.

Kruidvat Krediet is a product of Kruidvat Finance. In the future more financial products will be placed under Kruidvat Finance.