New Boutique-Style Food Hall GOURMET in Lee Gardens

New Boutique-Style Food Hall GOURMET in Lee Gardens

A. S. Watson Group launched Hong Kong's first and best boutique style fine food hall, GOURMET, today in Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay. Offering a new concept in fine food shopping in the city centre, GOURMET features the highest quality and most exclusive international food products in peak seasonality, and some of the most personalised customer services. Guests are guaranteed a GOURMET experience in this new haven for Hong Kong connoisseurs.

Mr Philippe Giard, Managing Director of GOURMET, said, "As the first and best boutique style food hall in Hong Kong, GOURMET offers customers a new, refined, and fashionable concept of fine shopping. Today's opening marks a milestone in Hong Kong's food retail market and in the fine foods operation of the A. S. Watson Group."

Backed by an international team of sourcing managers with experience running some of the world's top international food halls, the new GOURMET store in Lee Gardens offers a comprehensive selection of the highest quality, hardest to find and most delicious premium foods. Local connoisseurs will marvel at the over 20,000 products carried across 30 product categories, while enjoying the little touches that make every visit a truly GOURMET experience.

At today's launch ceremony, Mr. Michael Lee, Managing Director of Hysan Development Co. Ltd., said,"GOURMET will be an important new business at Lee Gardens, which is one of Hong Kong's prime shopping arcades with a history of indulging customers with luxurious shopping. It will definitely help further broaden and enrich the shopping experience for our visitors."

In its product selection, GOURMET emphasises regionality and traceability of products, and always secures the best of the best products at the peak of their seasonal freshness. The new GOURMET concept perfectly appeals to consumers who appreciate and enjoy quality and the luxurious lifestyle, and is set to become a new trend similar to that of shopping for high fashion and other sophisticated lifestyle goods. Fitting its high-end concept, GOURMET is located in the Basement of Lee Gardens in Causeway Bay, a prime shopping arcade known for its luxury goods product offer.

The shopping experience at GOURMET has been designed to be as exclusive, and international as the products themselves, with several zoned areas created to help customers navigate the 15,000 square foot retail space. In keeping with its promise to offer only the best, GOURMET will carry a full selection of the most premium products, while further enriching its product offering through exclusive premium Asian product ranges. With so much to choose from, the ambience of the new GOURMET store is fittingly devoted to the total food experience and offers a chance to relax and indulge in GOURMET's international bounty of premium products.

The store layout includes 9 specialised food zones including Charcuterie, Cheese, Luxury, Bakery, Meat & Poultry, Fresh Fish & Seafood, Japanese Sushi, Groceries, and Wine & Spirits, each providing a vast selection of products. In addition to the food zones, GOURMET has created 5 specialty food counters in the atrium. These counters showcase the world's premier food and beverage items, introducing new taste sensations to Hong Kong. The counters include:

Ming Cha Tea Bar
Enjoy classic Chinese teas and age-old infusion ceremonies in a stylish mini tea bar. Similar Ming Cha Tea bars have been very successful at other high-end international food halls.

Leonidas Cafe and Chocolate Counter
Enjoy the delights of famed Belgian confectioner and coffee maker Leonidas. Refresh yourself while shopping with Leonidas espresso and classic pastries like Belgian waffles; or choose from a large selection of loose Leonidas Chocolates in premium packaging.

Frupara Japanese Desserts
Cool down with an authentic treat from Japanese dessert maker Frupara's huge selection of trendy real fruit sherbets in all-natural fruit packaging, rolled ice cream cakes, ice-cream puffs and cookies.

Treasures of Taiwan
Savour premium seasonal products flown in fresh from Taiwan every month like the famed KUO YUAN YE Taiwanese cakes in premium gift packaging or other favourite desserts like Mo-chi glutinous rice skin.

To deliver a truly GOURMET experience with every visit, GOURMET offers the ultimate in tailored and sophisticated personal services from Call Taxi Service to Free Parking, Gift Wrapping and Free porter services.

With the best quality gourmet food product offering and the most extensive and informed customer services in the market, GOURMET offers connoisseurs a chance to enjoy the world's best foods in Hong Kong homes.