Great Taste of Germany

Great Taste of Germany

Further to the success of last year's German Food Promotion, Great, Hong Kong's leading international gourmet food hall, is gearing up for Hong Kong's largest German Food Festival again starting on May 6. Nearly 300 products have been added to Great's existing German product offer, which already includes over 2,500 products, for this four-week long German food extravaganza. With several exclusive new products, some being sold for the first time ever in Hong Kong, Great has everything needed to enjoy the authentic taste of German food in your own home. Six categories of German foods and products are included in the promotion including German Cold Cuts, Breads, Pickles, Pretzels and Biscuits, Cheeses and Yoghurts and Baking Needs.

I. Cold Cuts
No German Food Festival is complete without sublimely seasoned, all-natural German cold cuts, particularly the sausages. This terrifically tubular treat is a German staple and Great has lined up some of Germany's top producers to offer an unrivalled variety of superb German sausages and cold cuts. For its German Food promotion, Great is exclusively offering one of the country's finest sausages from Wirth. First established in Frankfurt in 1903, Wirth sausages are made only from pork leg meat, which is prized as the best cut for sausage making. At With, every extra step is taken to ensure freshness including hand-filling of every sausage casing by experienced workers. Wirth takes this natural goodness even further by using natural sheep case for the sausage which provides that extra crispy texture that is the trademark of true German sausage. Wirth sausages come in 250g servings of five sausages per jar and in a choice of 3 fantastic flavours: Original Frankfurter Sausages with a more mild taste (250g for HK$49.9) Frankfurter Hot Spiced Sausages (250g for 49.9) or Original Frankfurter Beef Sausages (250g for HK$58). These sausages are as easy as they are delicious; simply boil for 3 minutes and eat.

Another of Great's Cold Cuts is Jonas Homemade Liver Sausage Spread Pate (125g for HK$16.5). Jonas' decadently delicious pate is extremely popular in Europe. Jonas' fresh tasting pate is perfect as a snack with bread or toast and makes an equally splendid stuffing; it is sold in 2 ways at Great, pre-packaged in 125g servings or loose at the delicatessen counter. Jonas Pates come in 4 fantastic styles including pork liver with herbs and pork liver without herbs.

Salami lovers are also in for a treat in the Great German Food promotion with Reinert Salami (80g for HK$25-$30). Reinert Salami has less fat than other salamis for even more great taste and come in an enticing mix of spiced, cheese, herb and pepper varieties. 4 flavours of this all-pork salami are highlighted including premium Reinert salami coated with green pepper, selected herbs, parmesan cheese, or garlic and onion.

Of course, one can't mention German cold cuts without paying homage to the famed hams that come from Germany's Black Forest. For its German Food promotion, Great ventured deep into the fabled Black Forest to find 2 of the finest ham products in all of Germany from Abraham Black Forest Hams (100g for HK$34). Abraham Black Forest Ham comes in two authentic German flavours, the original heavy smoked flavour of Schwarzwalder Schinken or the more mild taste of Abraham's Fruhstucksschinken. In keeping with the age-old tradition, every Abraham Black Forest Ham is first smoked, and then air-dried for 12-18 months, imparting a flavour that is drier and smokier than its Italian cousin, Parma ham, but just as delicious.

II. Pre-packed German Bread
With Great Cold Cuts like these, you need Great Bread as well. Germany is famous for its breads and bakery products and no German meal would be complete without a thick slab of farm fresh bread to accompany it. To round off the quintessential German food experience, Great is exclusively offering one of Germany's most famous breads, Mestemacher (500g for HK$18.5-$35). This delicious and all-natural bread comes in a variety of types including whole wheat, all-grain, rye, oak and wheat germ. This bread is so good and so good for you that Mestemacher has even made a special Fitnessbrot or fitness bread, chock full of grains and vitamins to give the body all of the energy it needs. Great is highlighting 2 of Mestemacher's most famous bread styles including the Fitnessbrot and Natural Whole Rye.

Because Mestemacher bread is in demand all over the world, it comes in special vacuum packed packaging for a long shelf life that guarantees freshness long after purchase. Mestemacher is guaranteed all natural and its preservative, cholesterol and even yeast-free recipes leave a harder texture that protects the delicious freshness inside the loaf. For the Great German Food promotion, Great is making sampling wonderful Mestemacher German Bread easier than ever before with the Great German Bread Basket Assortment (500g for HK$18.5). The assortment includes 5 different flavours of healthy, great-tasting Mestemacher bread (two 50g slices per flavour) in whole rye, fitness bread, pumpernickel, linseed bread and sunflower seed flavours. The German Bakery Assortment is ideal for sandwiches and also makes a great accompaniment for a tray of appetizers with its versatile mix of flavours.

III. Pickle
Pickles are another famed German treat and Great has arranged yet another exclusive product with Stollenwerk German Pickles. Sold for the first time in Hong Kong, Stollenwerk Pickles have a mild taste that's perfect for the Hong Kong palate, while its refreshing spice and crisp crunch gives new meaning to the word freshness. Stollenwerk Pickles come in a variety of flavours with herbs, spices and even chillies. Stollenwerk also produces over 30 types of tinned foods including tinned cherries (120mL for HK$29.5) that are perfect for cosmopolitan cocktails or as the ideal icing on a black forest cake. Other Stollenwerk tinned products include pickled cucumbers (120mL for HK$17.5), which are smaller than a pickle but just as crispy and make the perfect topping for an authentic German sausage. For a true taste of Germany try Stollenwerk special wine sauerkraut (850mL for HK$12.5), produced according to an authentic German recipe with sweet mustard and champagne.

IV. Cheese and Yoghurt
With its lush fields and pastures, Germany also produces outstanding cheeses and yoghurts.

Among the many German cheeses on offer in the Great Taste of Germany is Cambozola, a mild, creamy textured, blue veined cheese made from cow's milk. Cambozola has the white mould exterior typical of the finest Brie and with its 70% fat content, makes a creamy and delicious treat for sandwiches, snacks and cooking.

Up next is the distinctive flavour of Tilsiter, a semi-hard German cheese also made from cow's milk. With a Fat content of 45-50%, Tilsiter is wonderful as a snack with Great German bread or in sauces. Another unique cheese offered in the promotion is German Appenzeller, a semi-hard, cow's milk cheese with a robust flavour. With a similar fat content to Tilsiter, (45-50%) Appenzeller is great with beer and ham and also retains its unique characteristics during cooking, making it a perfect addition for any sauce.

For some of the world's best and freshest tasting yoghurts, Great is proud to offer 2 exclusive varieties: Landliebe and Ehrmann. Landliebe is most famous for its natural yoghurt drinks, which is why its yoghurt products are extra smooth, creamy and rich. Landliebe Yoghurt (150g for HK$19) is also an excellent digestive aid, is low in fat and perfect for cooking and with a veritable orchard of fresh fruit flavours like blackberry, cherry, peach, apricot and banana, each made with real fruit, Landliebe Yoghurt is Great summer food.

For more liquid yoghurt, try the trendy and exotic new tastes of Ehrmann (150g for HK$17), another exclusive product at Great. With 5 uniquely delicious flavour combinations including passion fruit and peach, gooseberry and kiwi, mixed berry and herbs, cherry and even cinnamon and pear, Ehrmann yoghurt is set to add spice to any meal.

V. Pretzels and Biscuits
Anyone who has ever enjoyed a good German beer knows the value of a nutritious and delicious German pretzel and Great is pleased to be the exclusive retailer of one of Germany's favourite pretzels, Salstangen. Crispy and crunchy without being overly dry, Saltstangen Pretzels are also healthy and low in fat making them the perfect snack treat. Salstangen Pretzels come in 3 varieties including salted sticks (250g for HK$15), ideal for appetizers or with a generous cut of Black Forest Ham or salami; salted stick & pretzel assortment (250g for HK$19) and the snack mix assortment (200g for HK$15).

To top off a sumptuous German feast why not try one of the country's excellent biscuits. Great is offering the sweet lover's dream chocolate and butter biscuits from the famous Bahlsen bakery (150g for HK$27.5). With 5 great flavours including milk chocolate, dark chocolate and combinations of chocolate and nut, Bahlsen chocolate biscuits are a heavenly treat. Great is also proud to introduce 2 new flavours of Bahlsen butter biscuits to Hong Kong in the Great German Food promotion. With their high butter content, these biscuits are incredibly fluffy and moist, as if they came fresh from an authentic German bakery.

VI. Baking Needs
Feeling adventurous? Great has everything you need to make Great German treats at home with a huge variety of baking needs from top brand Dr. Oetker, the European market leader for cake and baking products. For the first time, the German series of this popular European taste is being imported to Hong Kong. Dr. Oetker offers more than 50 types of baking products and cake, muffin, pudding and desert mixes, and everything you need to top them off with including powdered vanilla sugar, creme fraiche and more. Try favourite mixes like the original Dr Oetker Cheese Cake Mix (500g for HK$55) and the famed Russian Marble Cake, Nut Cake, Mandarin Cream Cake, Cherry Cake, Black Forest Cake or even Yoghurt Cake. With all of these choices, you can enjoy the taste of authentic German bakery products at home!

Join us this May as Great brings the classic German culinary experience home to Hong Kong in its Great German Food Promotion from May 6 to June 2 2005.

Great Activities

1. German Festival 2005  Lucky Draw
To celebrate the German Festival, a special lucky draw will be arranged for 27 days from 6 May – 2 June, 2005.

Customers who purchase more than $400 in a single transaction will be invited to join the lucky draw. The lucky winners will receive a $10,000 German Hamper with most premium German dining wares and gourmet food, and many other prizes!
Deadline: 2 June 2005
Lucky Draw: 10 June 2005
Result Announcement: The grand lucky draw results will be featured in Wen Wei Pao and The Standard on 17 June 2005. Winners will be notified individually

No. of winners
Unit value Description
3 $10,000 German Hamper with most premium Thomas Rosenthal dining wares and gourmet food items
5 $5,000 German Berndes Kitchenware
Third 15 $1,000 German Berndes Kitchenware
Total Value

2. Gourmet Cooking Demonstrations by celebrated German Chef
Date: May 7 – 8, 2005 (Sat-Sun)
Venue: Great Pacific Place
Gourmet Chef: Mrs. Inge Herzog
Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pm

3. Guess the Sausage Game
Date: May 6 – 8 & 13 – 16, 2005
Venue: Great Pacific Place
Customers will be invited to have a free tasting on 1 type of sausage. Then they can guess the right name of the sausage fill in with their information on the game card. 10 winners with the right answers will be drawn to win a great German souvenir.


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