Watsons China Opens its 3,000th Store in Shanghai

Watsons China Opens its 3,000th Store in Shanghai

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Mark’s Happy Working Philosophy

Watsons Taiwan invited Mark, a famous local illustrator and blogger, to share with staff his “happy working philosophy”. The aim of the talk was to inspire employees to strike a good balance between work and life.


A Meaningful New Year

Watsons Ukraine’s volunteers offered New Year greetings to 120 children at Smela Boarding School. Besides candy treats, volunteers gifted the children with more than 85kg of winter clothes and basic necessities which they had collected earlier.

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SOUL programme

Watsons Singapore’s SOUL programme provided students of the National University of Singapore with experiential learning opportunities in the many work environments of the pharmacy practice. The students also accompanied Watsons’ pharmacists to visit the retailer’s volunteering partner, Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, where they learnt about the responsibilities and challenges of community pharmacists serving nursing homes.


Bone Health Caring

As part of Watsons China’s National Healthcare Project, activities were designed to help staff learn more about bone health. In partnership with a professional medical supplier, complimentary bone mineral density tests and a bone care workshop were held, attracting some 300 staff members. Many found the events informative and helpful.

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Green Fun-mily Tour

The Volunteer Team of Watsons Hong Kong joined hands with World Green Organisation to organise a meaningful “Watsons Green Fun-mily Tour” for single parents and their children. It was a fun and informative afternoon of environmental talks, visits to a Green Market and toy making. Families even learnt how to turn recycled materials into plant pots.

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Health & Wellness Corners

Watsons Thailand sought to encourage their Head Office and Warehouse staff to take care of their health and reduce work stress, by providing a dedicated location in the offices that promoted healthy habits. These Health and Wellness corners provided recreational and sports equipment, height and weight measurement equipment and health information leaflets.

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A Relaxing Treat for Our Colleagues

In collaboration with The Chinese Association’s promotion of Meridian Massage by the Visually Impaired, Watsons Taiwan arranged weekly massage sessions for employees in the office. The 30-minute sessions were a soothing treat for our colleagues and also provided additional working opportunities for the visually impaired.