A Little Step, A Huge Difference

A Little Step, A Huge Difference

Tuesday September 12th, 2023

Kruidvat has been working tirelessly to minimise its environmental impact. Since 2014, it has successfully eliminated the use of microplastics in its rinse-off Own Brand cosmetics/personal care products, and as of 2019, this initiative has been extended to cover all brands available at Kruidvat.

Recently, Kruidvat has launched an educational series on microplastics, with the ultimate goal of raising awareness and addressing environmental pollution. In the video, a young expert goes to the laboratory and showcases ways to avoid the use of microplastics as well as provides helpful suggestions for making wise and sustainable choices when making a purchase.

Additionally, Kruidvat has introduced an extensive range of Own Brand sustainable choices products. This commitment to sustainability demonstrates its dedication to protecting the environment while providing more sustainable choices for its customers.

Watch the episode here: