Our Exclusive Brands

Diversified Choices of the Highest Quality

Annually, 11.8 billion Health & Beauty products are purchased from us around the world. We are delighted that our products have become our customers’ favourites over the years. Putting customers at the heart of everything means that we are constantly refreshing our brand offering to provide greater choices of the highest quality.

We take pride in being at the forefront of scientific advances in skincare, cosmetics and personal care. Our beauty & lifestyle experts work tirelessly to source potential new ingredients and new categories to provide customers with more diversified choices answering to their needs. Empowered by the power of data, we are able to better meet the needs of today’s consumers through carefully curated products, and help our supplier partners to grow their brands’ presence.

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Safe and Sustainable Products

Sustainability is at the core of our brands development and sourcing. From packaging to ingredient choices, our aim is to reduce our environmental footprint across our Exclusive Brand collections. A.S. Watson has stopped selling all rinse-off cosmetics products / personal care products containing microplastics at its stores since January 2020. The Group also became a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil and signed-up to the New Plastic Economy Global commitment in 2020. Riding on these commitments, we are offering more sustainable choices of Exclusive Brand products produced with RSPO-certified palm oil and with reduction of plastic usage.

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Sustainable Achievements of Our Brands


Microplastics free in our rinse-off cosmetics products / personal care products* sold across A.S. Watson stores

* Microplastics size smaller than 5mm


International health and beauty retailer to join the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment


Own Brand dry paper products made from traceable sustainable sources, e.g. FSC