At A.S. Watson Group, Innovation is one of our corporate brand DNAs. Whether it’s coming up with new ideas, or finding new ways of doing things, every day, we strive to work smarter, create more value for our customers and deliver better results for our shareholders.

Placing innovation at the heart of our strategy, the Group continues to identify innovation opportunities to optimise our services and improve our customers’ shopping experiences.

We aim to cultivate a culture of innovation within the Group, leveraging our expertise to give back to communities and trying to build sustainability in creative ways. Our goal is to become the preferred partner of our suppliers and the most-loved brand of our customers.

We Welcome New Ideas

We value your opinion. If you have any ideas that could help us to put a Smile on our customers’ faces today and tomorrow, or help us to work smarter, please share them with us through the Innovation with A.S. Watson page on this site.

If your company would like to be considered as a potential supplier to A.S. Watson, please visit A.S. Watson Supplier Portal.

If your organisation is seeking product donations, grants or sponsorships, or any other information, please visit our Project LOL website.