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As the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, AS Watson sets O+O (Offline plus Online) as the new standard for retail.

Retail is not dead, it just needs to be better! Retail is no longer just about selling products, it is about the interaction between people, experience and relationship.

What is O+O Platform Strategy?

AS Watson O+O platform strategy is an ecosystem that is powered by technology, big data and artificial intelligence, not just about having physical stores but also online stores. Different from traditional Omnichannel or O2O model (online to offline or offline to online) from the past generation that drove customers from one channel to another, O+O is more about creating an integrated offline and online experience to better serve customers’ needs through digital transformation, that enables them to shop across any channel, anytime, anywhere.

Seamless O+O Retail Experience

To be able to deliver O+O (Offline plus Online) experience with excellence, it’s a combination of our extensive 16,500+ O+O store network as core touchpoints, our 130,000-strong customer service workforce, integrated with digital platforms, 120+ online platforms, and very importantly, the customer connectivity with our base of 170 million loyalty members. Capitalising on the in-depth and sophisticated customer insights, we are able to provide the most personalised O+O experience which not only delivers the best offer to our customers, but also growth to our business.

O+O Customer Connectivity

From a traditional local dispensary to a leader in O+O retail, what have driven us to grow fast are our intense focus on customers connectivity and agility – a determination to accelerate our digital transformation to strengthen customer interaction across all offline and online channels. This unique O+O platform strategy drives us to bring customers a healthier and more beautiful life and delivers our promise – to put a smile on our customers’ faces.

O+O changes how we sell, how we serve customers, and even the way we manage fulfilment.

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