Supplier Collaboration

Strategic Partnerships Around the Globe

A.S. Watson Group has established strong partnership with brands from all over the globe. We see these brands not just as suppliers, but as strategic partners in delivering outstanding, world-class products to our customers through our scalable distribution platform in Asia and Europe, both online and offline.

Retail business is no longer just transactional between a retailer and a supplier. It is about sharing knowledge, intelligence and expertise in engaging and connecting our customers. With our rich global understanding of the beauty industry and strong data analytics capability, we help brands to find customers more efficiently, and help customers to find the right brands.

Together We Achieve MORE

Teamwork between A.S. Watson Group and our partners has led to mutual success.

We worked with L’Oréal to launch Colorlab by Watsons, a new makeup concept store in Mainland China designed to appeal to the growing number of young beauty-enthusiasts.
To help Jeffree Star’s cosmetic range make its debut in Europe, we used our customer insights to launch exclusively and successfully at ICI PARIS XL, supported by a targeted
With Shiseido Group, we co-created the exclusive product range “d program Urban Damage Care” for sensitive skin. The range is the result of our shared determination to be at the forefront of beauty trends and innovation.

Keeping the Conversation Alive

We host the biennial Global Suppliers’ Conference, both to celebrate and deepen our partnerships. The event is an opportunity for us to share A.S. Watson Group’s current strategy and discuss routes to innovation and ways to access new growth.

Our International Buying Offices

Hong Kong
A.S. Watson Retail (HK) Ltd
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A.S. Watson (Europe) Group AG
address icon Alfred-Escher Strasse 17, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland
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fax icon +41 44 201 21 73

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