A Culture of Innovation

We believe that Innovation begins with our staff. By leveraging a younger generation of talents, we encourage them to explore innovative ideas so that we can foster an open culture of innovation, making the company more agile for tomorrow.

Global Innovation Team

globalteam02 A Culture of Innovation

Members of the Innoteam task force work together to develop insights and ideas that can help the Group to thrive amidst today’s global commercial challenges. The task force is a global talent development programme designed to establish a pool of high performing managers within the Group. Members discuss issues and exchange ideas on various business projects, and submit their proposals to senior leaders all in the hopes of helping to drive innovation at A.S. Watson.

Redefining the Shopping Experience: Project We

projectwe A Culture of Innovation

A group of young Gen Z staff from different countries across Asia were invited to join Project We, a programme designed to engage and gather insights from our younger staff members. The purpose is to help the Group better understand the perceptions and shopping behaviour of Gen Z customers in order to develop the right shopping experiences and understanding how to engage these generations in the workplace. We also encourage them to further develop innovative ideas to help improve the Offline plus Online (O+O) shopping experience and propose their preferred store design ideas for the company’s development and strategies.

Social Innovation: Millennials CSR Committee

csrcommittee A Culture of Innovation

Thirteen millennials from 11 markets in Asia and Europe have volunteered to participate in the Global Millennials CSR Committee in a bid to expedite the company’s social responsibilities roadmap. The Committee will help us identify global sustainability trends, drive positive impact on the Group’s CSR journey, and suggest innovative ways to engage colleagues and customers.