A Team of Data Experts

At AS Watson, we have a strong team of data experts who are responsible for creating value for our customers and partners on a daily basis, to meet their ever-evolving needs by data analysis and intelligence generation.


The AS Watson DataLab team is dedicated to harnessing the power of data through experimentation and continuous learning, in order to develop cutting-edge AI solutions that provide the AS Watson with data-driven insights. DataLab comprises five teams of data professionals, including Ai Lab, WatsonView, Customer Experience, WiSE and GSP.

We strongly believe in fostering a culture that embraces a data-driven mindset and encourages effective data storytelling within the Group. By empowering individuals to effectively communicate insights and promoting data-informed decision-making, we contribute to continuous business growth and pave the way for our long-term success.

Ai Lab

The Ai Lab team consists of talented individuals who are devoted to harnessing the power of AI and data science to transform the Group’s understanding and interaction with its customers. Its mission is to pioneer innovative and efficient methods for gaining insights into shoppers' behaviour. Currently, the team provides solutions in CRM personalisation, promotion and pricing strategies, as well as space management. By leveraging AI and machine learning, the team optimises key business and operational processes, uncovers potential sales opportunities, and creates more personalised communications with our members.


The WatsonView team comprises a group of skilled professionals who are dedicated to transforming complex data into visually compelling dashboards. Their expertise lies in bringing data to life, presenting it in a visually intuitive manner, enabling users to easily grasp insights and identifying trends. Moreover, the team is committed to fostering user engagement through self-service analytics, empowering them to take ownership of their data exploration and analysis, as well as promoting a culture of self-sufficiency and personalised decision-making.

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience team is a dynamic group of passionate experts striving to elevate customer experiences through strategic utilisation of data. Their main focus is on generating valuable insights and learnings from an extensive loyalty member base, which spans across 28 markets and comprises over 150+ million loyalty members. With profound expertise in data modelling and commercial application, the team excels in delivering customer intelligence that strengthen members’ loyalty, enhances our personalisation efforts, and drives more efficient sales through CRM actions.


Watson Insights on Shoppers Experience (WiSE) is a research division within the Group that is focused on enhancing our understanding of customer attitudes, enabling the Group and our business units to better fulfil the needs of today’s customers. The Customer Experience and WiSE teams work collaboratively with the Group’s top supplier partners, from analysing shoppers’ behaviour and gaining insights into their preferences, to planning member-specific activities and evaluating the impact of these actions. All these initiatives allow the business units and the suppliers to make well-informed retailing decisions.


The Group Strategic Projects (GSP) team serves as the driving force behind the Group's strategic alignment and implementation. With a wide range of responsibilities, the team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the alignment between business units and the Group's strategic directions, including facilitating, planning and coordinating strategic targets and key events, setting and enforcing compliance, sharing the best practices across business units, and conducting report and analysis of strategic projects.


We have a passionate team of analytical experts who work in our internal digital studio eLab to turn massive amounts of online business data into valuable insights that support our business units and suppliers’ decision-making process. We help our key stakeholders with everything from data tracking, analysis, data visualisation all the way to data insights so that they can keep up with key trends in the retail market.