A Team of Data Experts

At A.S. Watson, we have a strong team of data experts who are responsible for creating value for our customers and partners on a daily basis, to meet their ever-evolving needs by data analysis and intelligent generation.

Big Data

dataexpert01 A Team of Data Experts

Big Data is a project team comprising of tech talents who harness data science to help the Group find innovative and efficient ways to gain business insight. They provide solutions in CRM personalisation, promotion & pricing and space management.

Through machine learning and data mining, the team brings business tasks, optimises key business and operational processes, uncovers new sales opportunities for our business units and communicates with our members in a more personal context.


dataexpert02 A Team of Data Experts

DataLab is the customer intelligence team specialising in harnessing the power of customer data for retailing decisions. They generate insights and learnings regarding our 139 million+ loyalty member base across 29 markets in Asia and Europe.

With in-depth expertise in data modelling and commercial application, the team delivers customer intelligence to strengthen members’ loyalty across the Group, and to ensure that all members activities will deliver a personalized, relevant and engaging customer experience.


dataexpert03 A Team of Data Experts

Watson Insights on Shoppers Experience (WISE) is the research division of the Group. By constantly connecting with our 139 million+ loyalty members through surveys, they focus on creating better customer attitudinal understanding to help the Group and our business units to better meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Both DataLab & WISE also work collaboratively with ASW’s top supplier partners, from analysing customer behaviour and understanding their preferences, to planning member-specific activities and evaluating the impact of such actions. All these allow the business units and the suppliers to make well-informed retailing decisions.

eCommerce Analytics

dataexpert04 A Team of Data Experts

We have a passionate team of analytical experts who work in our internal digital studio eLab to turn massive amounts of eCommerce data into valuable insights that support our business units and suppliers’ decision-making process. We help our key stakeholders with everything from data tracking, analysis, data visualisation all the way to data insights so that they can keep up with key trends in the retail market.