Innovate with AS Watson

O+O platform strategy and sustainability are at the heart of our business so we want to connect with any companies, academic institutions or individuals who can offer sustainable materials for store, innovative products or packaging, services, technologies, or commercial opportunities that can help enrich the lives of our customers around the globe and create a better world today and tomorrow.

What Are We Looking For?

Perhaps you have a sustainable solution for building greener stores. Or perhaps you developed a new product that could benefit from our extensive distribution network or customer base. Or perhaps you have a piece of new technology or marketing solution that could improve our process efficiency. Or even you have even a business model idea that could improve the way we do business.
We are open to all ideas and suggestions. Together we can create innovative and meaningful solutions for our customers and make a bigger positive impact on our planet.
Click the image below to learn more about our Greener Stores Global Framework:
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Why Work with AS Watson?

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We have over 180 years of history behind us making us the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer with an extensive distribution network. Through our 16,500+ physical stores and our eStores, we are passionate to meet our customer needs, leveraging our resources and expertise to transform your ideas into a meaningful business reality.

How to Submit An Idea?

The submission form helps us better understand your idea and proposition. The quality and accuracy of the information you provide is crucial for us to evaluate your idea. Please submit NON-confidential information only.

After submission, you will receive an acknowledgement email and we will respond with the outcome within four weeks.

Ready to submit an idea? Download the application form here:
Application Form

* Please complete it with Adobe Acrobat. (Download link: PC and Mac / iOS (iPad, iPhone) / Android)

Please email the complete application form and any supporting files to