A.S. Watson Group Invites All Retailers and Restaurants to Join Hands in Stimulating Consumer Spending

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The COVID-19 pandemic has so far impacted significantly people’s daily lives and all industries. As an effort to prepare for consumer spending stimulation when the COVID-19 situation eases, A.S. Watson decides to open up Moneyback, the largest loyalty programme in town, to help all retailers to promote their business for free. The planned campaign is expected to encourage cross-retailer shopping in all 18 districts.

Malina Ngai, Group COO of A.S. Watson Group and CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe), said, “The pandemic has hit every community hard in many aspects, and it is extremely challenging for retailers. A.S. Watson is deeply rooted in Hong Kong for 180 years, we have been through many crises of different nature with the community. We know difficult days will pass, hence should proactively plan ahead.

When we think of how we can play a part in helping the industry, our Moneyback loyalty programme serves as a perfect platform. With its 3.7 million active member base, and a mobile app with 1.5 million downloads, we already have over 130 offline and online retail partners, covering over 1,000 retail outlets where our members can enjoy exclusive benefits. We will now open this platform to help promote for all retailers at no cost to them. In order to encourage cross-retailer shopping in all 18 districts, we will donate 1.8 million pieces of WatsMask as incentive for consumers. We now invite all small and big retailers to register the programme free of charge as an immediate step.”

Joining Hong Kong’s Largest Membership Programme for Free
To encourage more retailers and restaurants to join the consumption stimulation campaign, MoneyBack will open up its membership platform for free so that merchants at all sizes can participate in the campaign. Participating merchants can gain free promotional opportunities on the platform by providing in-store offers and customers will get face masks as shopping rewards. This will help them to reach more than 3.7 million Moneyback members, which is nearly half of Hong Kong’s population.

To participate the campaign, merchants can simply register with basic information and provide the details of its offers.

3 steps to become MoneyBack Merchant
Step 1:
Free online application: https://bit.ly/3hMB9Mp (Application deadline: 16/8/2020)
Step 2:
Once confirmed as MoneyBack partner, you can upload your offers to our online platform
Step 3:
Download MoneyBack Biz App and work closely with operation team

Donating Watsons Own Brand Masks to Encourage Local Consumer Spending
The Cross-retailer eStamp Reward Programme will be rolled out when the epidemic situation in Hong Kong improves and the government’s control measures eases. The Group hopes that the programme can stimulate cross-retailer consumption by offering MoneyBack members a wide range of in-store discounts and Watsons Own Brand face mask as rewards.

A total of 1.8 million WatsMask WeCare face masks (ASTM Level 2) will be donated by the Group to encourage cross-retailer consumption. MoneyBack members could earn an eStamp in MoneyBack App for every in-store spending of $50 at participating merchants. The first phase of the campaign will last for 4 weeks. By spending at 8 different participating retail outlets within 2 weeks, including 2 times at the Group’s retails stores (Watsons, PARKnSHOP, FORTRESS and Watson’s Wine), members are eligible to receive a box of WatsMask WeCare face masks (15 pieces) as reward. Details of the campaign will be further announced.

MoneyBack members can continue to enjoy existing member offers when visiting PARKnSHOP, Watsons and FORTRESS.

3 steps to earn MoneyBack eStamp (To be launched in September at the earliest)
Step 1:
Search favourite offers nearby on MoneyBack App
Step 2:
Enjoy member offer and earn eStamp at MoneyBack partner’s store
Step 3:
Redeem WatsMask at Watsons stores with designated eStamps

A.S. Watson Group has been supporting Hong Kong citizens on the road of fighting against COVID-19.

From the start of the pandemic in January, we had activated global sourcing of masks; then quickly converted part of Watsons’ Water manufacturing plant to local mask production to ensure ongoing supply to staff and customers. The Group mobilised its international technology team to enable massive amount of customers to be able to order mask both online and in-store. Contactless in-store payment WatsonsGo was also launched to allow customers queue-free shopping. The PARKnSHOP team has been working relentlessly in sourcing, supplying and serving customers’ high demand of hygiene products, groceries and fresh food.

With the opening up of the MoneyBack platform, A.S. Watson is looking forward to revitalising the retail and catering sectors alongside all merchants in Hong Kong, and get through the challenge with all in the community together.