Upcycling Plastic Bottles

Over 250 students from Kau Yan School set the world record title for the Largest Terrarium-Making Lesson on July 4. By leveraging up-cycling the disposed Watsons Water plastic bottle, each student created his/her own terrarium, giving new life to plastic bottles and helped reduce plastic waste with creativity.
Under the guidance of Mr. Eric Swinton, founder of V-cycle and Ms. Zoe Chan, founder of PuYu and registered horticultural therapist, students created their unique terrarium and learnt the basics of daily terrarium maintenance.

Cleaning Up Baiyun Mountain

A.S. Watson Industries staff brought their family and friends along to a company environmental initiative. The 69-strong group hiked up local landmark Baiyun Mountain’s 8km hiking path with bags in tow, picking up litter along the way and keeping the beautiful trails clean.

Sustainable Business Award

A.S. Watson Group wins the Sustainable Business Award and also the most prestigious honour Sustainable Leadership Award organised by World Green Organisation, recognising our commitment and concerted efforts in forging a sustainable business in workplace quality, environmental protection, operation practice and community engagement.

Tree Planting

A.S. Watson Industries participated in a company environmental awareness programme to do their part in the worldwide effort in offsetting human’s carbon footprint. In the event, a total of 50 trees were planted by 23 volunteers from the company.

Walk and Run

A.S. Watson Industries partnered with Hans Andersen Club to organise a “Walk and Run” Campaign for underprivileged children, where a total of 22 volunteers and 20 primary school students had fun in an orienteering competition and a barbecue lunch buffet in Tai Po.

Visiting the elderly and planting trees in Qijing village

A.S. Watson Industries partnered with Fireflies Social Work Service Center to arrange a visit to elderly people in Qijing Village in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. We shared our love with the senior citizens by serving them delicious soup and hand-made dumplings. In the afternoon, we helped to plant 100 trees in their orchards. The harvest from the trees will generate income for the elderly villagers every year.

Go Away, Rubbish!

To promote environmental conservation and protection of our natural resources, A.S. Watson Industries staff and their family members participated in a one-day clean-up called “Go Away, Rubbish!” in Beijing. Volunteers helped to pick up litter and rubbish that had accumulated around a moat. The event provided a good opportunity to educate the next generation about preserving the environment.

Cheer Up Underprivileged Children

A.S. Watson Industries arranged a joyful day tour for underprivileged children from Sham Shui Po.

The day began with a visit to Cathay Pacific’s headquarters, CX City. The children were excited to tour the flight training centre, crew lounge and mock flight cabins. They learnt about the different jobs at the centre and had a taste of an in-flight experience.

Later, the children adjourned to the Dream Come True Education Park. There, they had fun designing their own cup of instant noodles and were even allowed to bring their personal cup home to be enjoyed at their own time.


It was all hands on deck in Macau when the territory was hit by a No.10 signal typhoon. Electricity, phone and broadband connections were interrupted by the strong winds, and there was widespread flooding. Our staff worked tirelessly to clean up stores and reopen them as soon as possible after typhoon, and A.S. Watson Group donated 1,000 bottles of bleach and handwash to the Macau Red Cross and four containers of Watsons Water (over 18,000 bottles) to local charity groups. Big thanks to our staff in Macau!