Monday March 31st, 2014
Friday September 27th, 2013

Kruidvat has recently been recognised as the Third Most Attractive Employer in the Labor Market Behavioral Research Survey conducted by the reputable international research and recruitment agency Intelligence Group, for its exemplary performance in HR practices. Rated ahead of many other famous retail brands in Netherlands, Kruidvat's achievement has demonstrated its longstanding caring culture of bringing MORE to the lives of its employee and the trust placed in it by the labor force in the territory.

Wednesday July 31st, 2013
Friday November 30th, 2012
Wednesday November 30th, 2011
Tuesday May 24th, 2011

From 29 March 2011, Kruidvat makes shopping at their stores even more lucrative, fun and personal with the introduction of a special loyalty card for all its customers, with personalised offers and points earning for extraordinary gifts.

Kruidvat introduced the loyalty card with the help of Dutch singer Xander de Buisonjé who recorded a song especially for the loyalty card, and singing it to the very first owners of the card at the Kruidvat store in Almere.

Tuesday November 30th, 2010
Thursday July 30th, 2009

On 6 August, Kruidvat will be opening its fully refurbished store at Gildenburg 13 in Gouda. The new store offers customers all the usual benefits in a modern and extremely accessible shopping environment. The well organised and logical presentation means that customers can easily navigate around the store. The store belongs to the new generation of Kruidvat stores, with which the drug-store chain wishes to further distinguish itself within the Health & Beauty market. The refurbished store concept will be expanded to all Kruidvat stores.

Store manager Pleuny de Groot is very proud of her new store. "The customer is the central point in the refurbished Kruidvat store format. The stores are very well organised and accessible and, of course, offer the familiar benefits and surprising offers that customers have come to expect from us. Just as before, they can come to Kruidvat for a surprising and affordable range but this is now in a fully refurbished and modernised store environment. Perception, appearance and accessibility are central to this. We would likely to warmly invite everyone to come and have a look at our new store!"

Surprising, value-for-money and accessible

Tuesday May 26th, 2009

Modern, contemporary, refreshing and totally in line with the core values that Kruidvat wants to portray. Today the Netherlands' largest chain of chemist shops has reaffirmed its distinctiveness with the official launch of its new logo. Through the introduction of a recognisable and eye-catching trade mark, Kruidvat wishes to distinguish itself even more strongly in the Dutch Health & Beauty market. Furthermore, the new logo is totally in line with Kruidvat's updated retail formula.

Through the launch of the new logo, Kruidvat is able to officially present itself in a recognisable manner. Unlike the old logo, which was developed in 1980 and since then has only undergone a few small modifications, this time not only the whole brand name has been opted for in the logo, but also a trade mark that can be used separately. The 'K' for Kruidvat is incorporated in a subtle and creative manner in the new logo. "We have succeeded in creating a recognisable and contemporary symbol to be used in all of our communication that also fits in perfectly with our updated retail formula. In this new concept, as was the case previously, customers can go to Kruidvat for a surprising and competitive range, but in a fully updated and modernised retail environment. Perception, appearance and accessibility are the main considerations here. Those starting points have been translated into this new trade mark, of which we are, of course, particularly proud", said Gerard van Breen, General Director of Kruidvat.

Today, in the presence of the entire Kruidvat management board, Kruidvat's new logo was festively unveiled by actress and the SBS TV station presenter Ellemieke Vermolen, at the Kruidvat shop in the "De Kwinkelier" shopping centre in Bilthoven.