Cheer-up Hubei

Watsons China shows love and care to Hubei Province, China, by donating hygienic supplies with value over RMB 2 million to medical institutes and frontline healthcare workers, to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Extra Measures to Protect Employees

Watsons Hong Kong takes timely actions to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, from providing protective gears, installing ventilation fan in warehouse to thorough cleaning in back office.

All work surfaces of the office have been applied with latest sanitising technology of HGT nano silver photocatalyst antibacterial coating.

Surgical Mask Reservation Goes Online

Surgical mask is a necessity for citizens in Hong Kong, which is under extremely limited supply. Watsons Hong Kong therefore builds and rolls out a new online registration system for surgical mask reservation in a week, attracted 1.5 million people to reserve, while customers can pick-up the masks later to avoid queuing overnight which may increase health risk.

The efficient arrangement has earned trust and positive response from customers
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Protect Frontline Medics with COVID-19 Testing Cabins

Protect Frontline Medics with COVID-19 Testing Cabins

To protect health workers at the frontline and provide the safer working environment, Watsons Taiwan collaborates with the supplier to donate 10 mobile isolation cabins, which worth over 1 million Hong Kong dollars in total, to 8 hospitals across Taiwan. The cabins can provide a protective shield for the medics and ensure their safety when they conduct the COVID-19 tests.

Exclusive VIP Privileges for Medics

Exclusive VIP Privileges for Medics

Watsons China shows their gratitude to frontline heroes by launching a “Free black card membership for medical staff” program in March.

Medical staff can receive one-year black card membership for free and enjoy all the black card privileges

“Smile with Mask” Challenge

Watsons China organises a “Smile with Mask” challenge to encourage the public to show resilience and positive energy on their masks

Free Delivery Service

Watsons Russia offers eCommerce customers with free delivery services during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing option to pick up their orders from designated retail stores across the nation

Get Active, Stay Healthy

Watsons Turkey encourages customers to stay active and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, by sharing videos on social media to show how to do some stretching exercises at home

Break the Myths of Hand Washing

Watsons Philippines provides customers with proper guidelines for hand washing on social media to help stop the spread of disease-causing viruses

Show Love and Care to Children in Need

Watsons Singapore’s CSR Committee shows love and care to children and families in need in Life Community Services Society (LCSS) with care packages consisting of hand sanitizers, masks and vitamins, to keep them safe and healthy with the evolving COVID-19 situation