It’s Team Spirit!

It’s Team Spirit

The A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards have been running for 16 years, providing inspiration and recognition for some of the amazing sporting talents in Hong Kong’s primary, secondary and special schools. Since 2005, more than 13,000 students have won the awards, and we are proud to have been able to continue with the programme this year, despite the limitations on gatherings as a result of the pandemic. This year’s Leadership Workshop was held online rather than in person, but interest was just as strong as usual, and attendance was as high as ever. In two hours, participants completed a range of activities to sharpen their communication skills, improve cooperation and hone their problem-solving abilities. Their team spirit and commitment showed that despite the challenges they face, their motto remains “Yes I Can!”

Small Steps, Big Impact!

Small Steps, Big Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic may have hampered our daily activities but not our love for the world. Drogas Lithuania was determined to get everyone on the move in the name of good health. The challenge was a virtual team walk around the earth. In three months’ time, the team managed to walk almost twice around the world! The concerted effort offset the equivalent of carbon emission captured by over 340 thousand trees! What better way to unite and bond while raising awareness for our environment.

Drive to be the Best

Drive to be the Best

Watsons Taiwan thanked all colleagues after a year of hard work with the 2020 Best Employees of the Head office and Distribution Center voting. Measured upon Watsons’ core capabilities, a total 34 nominations were received, 14 shortlisted and the final 6 winners awarded cash incentive and medals.

A.S. Watson Group Social Purpose

For 180 Years, A.S. Watson upholds a clear purpose – To put a smile on our customers’ faces.
Whether it was giving free medicines to the underprivileged in the past, or protecting people’s health during COVID today, it is our proud heritage and continuous commitment to bring a smile to everyone. Together, we shape a better planet and a better tomorrow with smile.

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