As the leading global retailer serving billions of customers every year, we are passionate about ensuring our products meet the highest safety standards and provide the best quality for our customers. We also aim at encouraging customers to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Maintaining High Product Quality & Safety

It is important to us that people equate our brands to quality, value and safety. Amongst our extensive range of products to be put on shelves, each of the Exclusive Brands products must pass through a stringent quality-assurance process that is checked by our own laboratories as well as external experts. We also conduct regular research to listen to customers about our products so we can continue to improve.

Offering More Sustainability Products

We provide and promote sustainable choices of products to our customers that reduce the environmental footprint, by providing refill options, a better selection of ingredients and packaging materials from sustainable sources. All our businesses have regular awareness programmes to encourage customers to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

As part of our 2030 Sustainability Vision, we have made the following commitments when it comes to more sustainable products:

  • Plastic: Eliminating unnecessary packaging by 2030, avoiding over-packaging and phasing out PVC; ensuring that we use a minimum of 20% recycled plastic content in plastic packaging by 2025. We are a signatory of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Global Commitment since 2020
  • Protecting Forests:
    • Wood-pulp: All Exclusive Brand paper products and packaging to be made exclusively from sustainable materials (FSC, PEFC or recycled) by 2030
    • Palm-oil: All Exclusive Brand products to include RSPO-certified palm oil by 2030
    • Beef & Soy: We are committed to sourcing deforestation-free meat and soy-based Exclusive Brand products by 2030

Our Global Commitment:

Shopping for green living

Shopping for green living

Friday November 30th, 2012

Go-green education

Go-green education

Tuesday November 30th, 2010