Catered to the sophisticated tastes of foodies and gourmands, GREAT is an international concept food hall and gourmet wonderland. Our stylish and spacious food hall at the basement of Pacific Place offers over 46,000 of the finest food products and cooking and dining ware.

In a bid to bring a greater shopping experience to our customers, GREAT underwent substantial renovations in 2019 and kept its space coverage at 36,000 square feet. Besides, GREAT has also divided into three main food zones, namely Take-Away Zone, Fresh-Take-Home Zone and FMCG Zone. On top of launching exciting food concepts, GREAT will carry on emphasizing greatness throughout its comprehensive ranges of new and existing services, from free dry-ageing beef services, to complimentary parking, valet parking, gift packaging, chef consultation, home delivery, nutritionist advice, office delivery and an on-line shopping service.

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