Food, Electronics & Wine

Catered to the sophisticated tastes of foodies and gourmands, GREAT is an international concept food hall and gourmet wonderland. Our stylish and spacious food hall at the basement of Pacific Place offers over 46,000 of the finest food products and cooking and dining ware.

Among our selection of daily flown fresh fruits, vegetables and over 300 deli, meat and seafood items, you will also find the trendiest Japanese snacks, authentic Chinese condiments, premium olive oils and vinegars as well as fine wines and beverages.

Fancy some dessert or freshly baked bread? Hop over to our i-SCREAM Italian gelatos counter or check out our bakery where you will find over 500 European, Japanese and local delicacies, cakes and pastries. Keen to try out that vegan recipe? We have got over 800 varieties of organic and health products that will please the needs and palates of even the most health-conscious eaters.

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