Watson’s Wine

As the leading specialist wine chain, Watson's Wine offers connoisseurs the largest range of vintages in Hong Kong. By sourcing directly from over 20 countries, we are able to list a tremendous range of over 12,000 different wines, more than 1,400 of which are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

Inside every cellar, customers can also find a Fine Wine Room containing over 300 different vintages ranging from the top Chateaux from Bordeaux to emerging New World Classics from around the world. There is even a storage service for customers who want a convenient, secure and climate-controlled solution for storing their wines.

In 2009, the Watson's Wine Bar was opened in the heart of Central, Hong Kong, to allow customers to enjoy their favourite wines by the glass. Watson's Wine was voted as Top 10 Quality E-Shop by HKRMA and Gold Winner of the Best F&B by Asia’s Best E-Tailing Awards in 2020; and voted as Gold Winner for the Best Wine & Alcohol Retails by Expatliving.com and Top 10 O2O Retail Brands by HKRMA in 2021, amongst its numerous accomplishments.

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