At Kruidvat, customers are always pleasantly surprised by our enormous selection of value-for-money products. It is this commitment to making health and beauty accessible to all that has firmly established us as the market-leading drugstore in the Netherlands and one of the best-known in Belgium.

Besides our extensive health & beauty range, Kruidvat also offers great savings and deals in fashion accessories, textile products, CDs, toys, decorative household items and photo services.

Since opening our first health & beauty store in the Netherlands in 1975, we have also successfully expanded into the Belgian market, where we now operate over 285 stores. Today, we have a combined presence of over 1,250 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Kruidvat was awarded "The Most Future-proof Retailers in the Netherlands" by Q&A Research and Consultancy and "No. 1 in Number of Retail Outlets in Netherlands" by Locatus in 2021.

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