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Head of Applications and BPM
Watsons Türkiye
Alev Davutoglu
Change the world with technology!

I’m working as the head of Applications and BPM. The biggest challenge in my work is that you have to solve problems all the time and give support whenever the system breaks down, even on New Year's Eve. That said, we live in a world that does not repeat itself and is constantly changing. I think the most exciting thing about the IT industry is this sense of continuous progress and renewal. I am very motivated because I get to do different things, work on different subjects and encounter a different puzzle almost every day.

For me, I was always interested in mathematics, problem solving and algorithms since I was a child. So, I started my career in the software development department. As a woman, having good communication skills, being detail-minded and making a constant effort to find solutions in a people-oriented way have always given me advantages in the workplace. It is important to remember that computers, tablets and all other devices exist to serve people. In other words, we are basically serving our customers, and understanding their needs, and to communicate with them correctly. Now, I’m really excited to see more women joining the industry and getting involved in the software world.

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