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Store Manager
Watsons China
Li Yang
Never Stop Learning

My name is Li Yang. I’m the Store Manager of Watsons China - Harbin Shuangcheng Baiyuecheng Shopping Centre store. Our store truly cares about the O+O experience of every single customer and always do our best to offer help and exceed their expectations.

One day a foreign customer came into our store to look for a foundation. I tried to help her using simple English. At that time, I realised that improving my spoken English could help serve our customers better. So, I enrolled into an English class and worked very hard to learn English. When the same customer visited the store later, I served her again and gave some product recommendation which suits her needs. She was surprised by my improvement in English now and praised me for my passion and professionalism. There’s nothing more satisfied than helping customers look good and feel great!

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