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Senior Quality Assurance Manager
International Buying
Perry Ho
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I started my career at A.S. Watson as a Quality Assurance (QA) Manager three years ago.  Previously, I had worked in manufacturing and testing & certification areas.  Being part of a retail company has enabled me to see another piece of puzzle of the QA picture.

My role in International Buying QA team is to ensure each product is safe before leaving the door, and fully compliant to the requirements for a specific market.  Last year, we reviewed over 4,000 quality control reports, handled almost 500 technical and social audits together with third-party agencies. In parallel, we run different QA programs like, Post-Market Surveillance and more to make sure all our products are safe for customers.  To make this happens, we have conducted around 50,000 tests for Own Brand products in our in-house laboratory on top since 2012.

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