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Non-trade team IT Manager
Watsons China
Shirley Wang
If You Love It, Do It!

As a woman working in IT at Watsons, all I can say is it’s just really cool - I feel really relaxed to be working in such a pleasant environment where I am free to express my opinions. My job here is to do non-trade requirement analysis, project management and system support.

When I was at school, I majored in mathematics and software engineering. I really liked it, so I started to work in the IT field which offered me a challenging yet rewarding career. IT was traditionally a male-dominated field, but women are just as competent as men in their IT roles. I am fortunate to work for a company who really recognizes and acknowledges this. I found that as a woman, we are naturally better at multitasking. I’m comfortable with juggling various business needs at the same time even when project timelines are really tight. It’s part of my everyday work to analyse, sort out the requirements quickly and coordinate the resources of all parties to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

My advice to other women who are interested to get into the IT industry is to choose it if you like it, keep learning and always try your best.

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