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Supply Chain Director
AS Watson Group
Yvette Heijwegen
Making the Impossible Possible

As the Supply Chain Director, I am responsible for managing the entire Supply Chain at AS Watson Benelux. My job is to make sure that the right products are delivered from the suppliers to the stores and finally to our customers at the right time and right place. In a word, offering a seamless O+O customer experience is my everyday mission.

Seven years ago, I was first attracted to work at AS Watson because of its passionate people as well as its amazing culture. Even though there have been lots of challenges along my journey here, I’m lucky to have a great team who dares to overcome all these hurdles and makes the impossible possible together. Anyone who works in Supply Chain knows that you can only be successful when you’re working with the right people to achieve results.

When I think back, we have had so many incredible developments in our Supply Chain, from opening new warehouses to automating the eFulfilment Centre to filling up all our stores with COVID tests within 24 hours! It’s the result of our teamwork and collaboration.

A day is never the same! I am ready to embrace new challenges in the coming future. Together with my teammates, we will continue to put a smile on our customer’s faces today and tomorrow!

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