CSR In Hong Kong

As one of the longest standing companies in Hong Kong, ASW is committed to the sustainable development of our businesses and puts this commitment into practice in every aspect of our operations. We undertake various local corporate social responsibility programmes to make Hong Kong a better home for all, and we are glad to be chosen as the winner of Outstanding Social Capital Partnership Award organised by Labour and Welfare Department of HKSAR Government for our long-term elderly service, and also the Sustainable Leader Award organised by the World Green Organisation.

More than just providing quality products and services to customers, we are a responsible corporate citizen and aim at sustaining our business growth through value creation for Our Community, Our People, Our Customers and Our Planet.

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sports culture CSR In Hong Kong
Actively Building Sports Culture
WTCHK midautumn2021 CSR In Hong Kong
Mid-Autumn Blessings
FTR CSR caritas 2021 CSR In Hong Kong
Laptop Recycling
ParknshopCityFoodDrive volunteer2021 CSR In Hong Kong
Warm Bento
HKSSA2021 allawardees CSR In Hong Kong
Sporting Heros
FTR P1I9694GreenWarrior2021 CSR In Hong Kong
Green Warrior
WTCHK GetActiveBurpees2021 CSR In Hong Kong
Challenge Yourself
A Helping Hand celebrity CSR In Hong Kong
A Helping Hand