Do Good. Feel Great.

Drogas cares about our planet and the community. We strive to do good in the community that we’re part of and we always look for better ways to create a better future.

Health & Social Support - A truly beautiful person is one who embodies both physical and mental health and is in harmony with oneself. We extend helping hands to people with social or health problems to improve our society’s well-being and generate more smiles.

Empowerment by Education - Thirst for knowledge is at the core of growth. We are looking for different ways to support the education sector and give everyone a chance to fulfil their potential. We focus on women’s education, to broaden the women’s horizon and build their self-esteem.

Protect the Earth Together - Clean and safe environment is the goal that we are striving for. We work tirelessly towards a sustainable future through recycling programmes and more sustainable choices, together with our customers contributing to our home and planet.

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